Seaton Smith will leave you in tears – happy tears – as he brings to the stage a performance filled with energy and unforgettable characters.  Seaton made his debut as the comedian named Motif on NBC’s The John Mulaney Show, and has headlined shows and performed at college campuses all over the country.  He was also featured in the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Canada.  To experience what calls “a mesmerizing, livewirde perrformace, full of joy and amazing comic energy,” check out Smith at Rick Bronson’s Houe of Comedy April 1-5.


1. When was the moment you realized you wanted to be a comedian?

Probably sitting with my family and watching “Beverly Hills Cop” for the 100th time. Since Eddie Murphy was the most respected person in our house, I decided that was the job for me.

2. What was your best (or most embarrassing) moment on stage?

Most embarrassing: When a large, drunk woman jumped onstage and started humping me. I was new to comedy and didn’t know how to handle a humping chick. I dare her to hump me again!

3. What’s one thing you want people to know about doing stand-up that nobody has ever asked you?

How often I drive and text. I’m amazing at it.

4. Who is your comedic inspiration?

Changes all the time. Patrice O’Neal is my favorite.

5. What’s one thing you wished someone had told you about stand-up?

It feels the same the whole time. Whether you kill in an open mic or a stadium, you feel the same satisfaction.

6. What’s one item you never hit the road without?


7. What is your favorite city to perform in and why?

DC. Started there. And all my little quirks are appreciated.

8. Describe yourself in three words:

Energy, fast, smiles.

9. If you had one day left to live, how would you spend it?

Taking every drug that I was afraid to do.

10. What did you do the last time you were in Phoenix?

It’s where my mother was born, so we went to the house she was raised in. I remember there was a power outage so I had to use the bathroom in the dark. I was 5. So that was an adventure.