With remote work becoming the norm in the age of coronavirus, many people find themselves in uncharted waters, scrambling to maintain some type of normalcy in the hopes that social engagement and morale don’t flounder, according to Keith and Loren Yaskin, who run Scottsdale-based The Flip Side Communications. We are sustaining ourselves with takeout food and the natural comic moments that come from working from home when you’re not used to kids, pets, and a pandemic getting in your way.

More than ever, staying connected and communicating can be a much-needed lifeline. In an effort to foster connectivity in our communities, AZ Big Media has launched two social media contests.

BEST TAKEOUT DINNER PHOTO: Admit it, the true lifeline during this challenging time has been the restaurants that have remained open and kept serving their customers by offering amazing takeout dinners. Do you have a favorite takeout dinner? Send us that photo so we can let others know about the restaurant and also give you an opportunity to win a prize.

BEST WORKING-FROM-HOME PHOTO: We all know that coronavirus couture means we are likely having Zoom meetings with co-workers who are dressed in a business shirt on top (because that’s all we see), and pajama bottoms and slippers on the bottom. We won’t even mention the laughing children and barking dogs in the background. If there was ever an opportunity for a viral photo, the work-from-home movement has created it. So send us that photo of your parrot crashing your Zoom meeting and give yourself an opportunity to win a prize.

Here’s how it will work:

• First, email your favorite takeout food photos or working-from-home photos to events@azbigmedia.com. Send as many photos as you’d like.

• Second, follow us on Instagram @azbigmedia or on Facebook @azbigmedia. Look for your takeout food photos or working-from-home photos. Be sure to share them with friends so you get as many likes as possible. If you don’t have a photo to share, that’s OK. Go to our social media channels to entertain yourself and like the photos that make you smile — or hungry.

• Third, when things return to normal, the photos with the most likes will win restaurant gift cards that will allow you to celebrate the return to normalcy.

Get ready to go viral — but this time, the fun kind.