If you’ve lived in Arizona for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard the radio ad that ends with, “Now, you have a friend in the jewelry business.” That famous tagline spoken by Shane Co. Founder Tom Shane is heard consistently and drives home a direct message that will probably jump to the forefront of your consciousness the next time you are thinking of buying jewelry. Shane Co. debuted its second Valley location in Chandler over the weekend.

The experience of finding the perfect engagement ring, wedding bands, fine jewelry and gemstones is crafted into a no-pressure, fun and educational experience in the spacious Chandler showroom that is now the jeweler’s 21st location in the United States.

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Shane Co. has had a presence in Phoenix for over 20 years now with its Scottsdale location and expanding into Chandler made sense geographically, providing a location on the south side of the Valley. Shane Co. President and CEO, Rordan Shane says, “The community of Chandler was extremely welcoming to us and really set us up to success. We’re excited to partner with the city and it seems to work out in all ways.”

Rordan Shane

Expanding on Shane Co.’s unforgettable tagline, Shane explains, “We live that in all ways and we take it very seriously. To us, it’s about trust. Building trust in any business is important, but especially in the jewelry business. We’re selling an item that is expensive and people don’t know a lot about it, and trust is paramount to us. That ‘friendship’ concept really is about risk reduction.”

Upon entry at Shane Co., guests are greeted concierge style and a coffee bar is a welcoming touch to the jewelry buying experience. It is also exciting to watch the on-site jewelers working in their craft at their work stations right inside the showroom. If you want to hold a rough gemstone, just ask! Getting involved in the jewelry making process is truly exciting.


The importance of making an investment in a piece of jewelry that also often has high emotional value and significance is made easier with a relationship that is forged from the beginning of the visit at Shane Co. A designated and non-commissioned staff member will walk clients through the entire no-pressure process, answer all questions and help in selecting the perfect piece of jewelry.

“We really value the concept of ‘friend,’ in a literal way and in a metaphorical way as well,” says Shane. “We do that in everything that we offer, whether it’s customer service, the warranty, upgrades, how we source our product, returns and shipping. For our customers, it’s a holistic part of our culture and who we are.”

Providing quality ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones is paramount Shane Co. “That’s always been part of our table stakes, ethos and mandate on our end,” says Shane. “All of our diamonds are conflict-free and natural. With us, it really starts with generational relationships that we have. I spend a lot of time with our vendors and many of our vendors we’ve been working with for multiple generations.”

“There are processes in place, too, like the Kimberley Process,” explains Shane of the company’s commitment to ethical sourcing. “It’s been around since 2003 and we’ve been a major part of it. My father consulted on that when it was being established with the government entities. We’ve never sold any conflict diamonds at all.” The unique process unites societies, industry and administrations to help ensure that rough diamonds are not used to finance wars against governments.

Directly sourced and hand-selected natural diamonds, sapphires, rubies and gemstones can be orchestrated in 14K yellow or white gold, platinum or Shane Co.’s own signature shade of rose gold. Additionally, laser engraving services allow a high level of personalization and can even replicate personal handwriting or special images. “I was with a customer who wanted to engrave her baby’s thumbprint on a piece of jewelry,” says Shane. “As a dad, to me, that stuck out as a really cool and special thing that someone wanted to do that takes the piece of jewelry and moves it to the next level of meaning and personalization.”

Adding to the feel-good reassurance of knowing all gemstones are sourced ethically and correctly, Shane Co. provides a free lifetime warranty that covers a customer’s center stone, resizing and maintenance. There is also an unparalleled upgrade program for Shane Co. Diamonds, gemstones and metal. For more information, visit www.shaneco.com.