With all the fashion-forward clothing shops popping up in town, I will be bringing you bi-weekly installments of a sampling of the best boutiques Scottsdale has to offer. This week marks the beginning of this crusade, and I am thrilled to focus the spotlight on Francesca’s Collections this time around.

My experience shopping at Francesca’s Collections:

First Impressions

Francesca’s really struck me as having that perfect boutique feel when I walked inside. Even though it’s placed in the middle of Scottsdale Fashion Square (near Barneys to be exact), it doesn’t feel like another mall store when you step through its doors. There is a very definite laidback and welcoming aura when you enter, and I had nothing but positive interactions with the sales girls and manager who were all eager to help me.

In a nutshell? I was feeling its vibe from the get-go.

Clothing Analysis

Francesca’s has a unique and eclectic mix of clothing options, which I really appreciate. I’ve never been one for cookie-cutter attire, and you won’t find any of that here. There are, however, the usual staples — solid color T-shirts, tanks, camis, etc. — but I’ll be honest that I wouldn’t go to a boutique to pick up those sorts of basics. I was interested in discovering what lay in the rest of the hodgepodge.

I loved that they offer trendy pieces like brightly colored bottoms and chunky jewelry, but also aren’t afraid to put their stake in more unconventional items like tribal-print, cross-body bags and hippie-esque headbands. I had a blast perusing the mix of clothing options offered and was pleasantly surprised by the great customer service. I also had fun checking out the kitschy items interspersed throughout their store — although I have to admit I’m not big on knickknacks, so that part was most likely a one-time adventure. Their prices are fair and reasonable, but not excessively cheap.

Verdict: Head to the inexpensive stores for the run-of-the-mill nuts and bolts of your closet, but come to Francesca’s for the statement looks.

Tidbits and Takeaways

The main thing I realized when I was done shopping at Francesca’s is that I wanted to go back. Not only that, but I am positive I will go back and it will probably be soon. The best piece of advice I can offer you is to treat Francesca’s as a complementary counterpart to your wardrobe creations. I can’t see myself choosing multiple complete outfits here terribly often, but I can (and will) go back to find accent pieces.

If you like to embrace exclusive nuances in your wardrobe, this is your place. Their bohemian and tribal items were my favorite, hands down, and I’m also looking forward to pairing some of their hipster looks with contemporary underpinnings from my own closet.

Sample Outfit

Although this outfit runs contradictory to what I said I am most likely to buy myself from Francesca’s, I wanted to highlight some options they have that could function as great, summery work ensembles — because this is a timely topic this part of the year.

I think nothing says summer quite as cheerily as this Daffodil skirt. It’s cute and lightweight, and an appropriate length to wear to work. I coupled it with the Flapper top, for a playful but professional tone. I’d recommend tucking the top into the skirt because the skirt should really be the focal point. I didn’t go gaga over their shoe selections, but Francesca’s does have these pretty, nude Dorothy heels that I fell for — that can double as work shoes and date night shoes. Since the outfit is meant to be fresh and airy, I put it with some simple but eye-catching yellow brick dangle earrings and no other jewelry.

I love that this outfit projects warmth and confidence, and makes a bold fashion statement while still remaining classy and work-friendly. The total cost for these four pieces is $106, not including tax. Super price for a splendid outfit. I’m sold.

Top: $34

Bottom: $34

Shoes: $24

Jewelry: $14

Francesca's Collections
Location of the store I referenced:
Scottsdale Fashion Square
7014 E. Camelback Rd., #B156
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 945-2006
Mon-Sat: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sun: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.