With a rising focus on local artisans and supporting local business, Kim Kendall of the Phoenix boutique Clothes Minded, created a program that makes discovering new local designers simple.

Love Local is a boxed collection that includes products that were created by five different local designers. This box is the first of its kind, but Kendall says she has big plans for the expansion of Love Local.


The first edition of the Love Local box includes a t-shirt by State Forty Eight, a copper arrow-printed necklace by HERinspiration, a makeup bag by Artist Andrea, a beaded bracelet by Pure Life and a BEYOUband headband by The Zen Bird. The boxes are perfect for the holidays and introduce people to local designers that they may not have discovered otherwise.

“It’s a lot of time to look up all these different markets, and bounce around from the farmers markets to the art market or to First Friday,” Kendall said. “So that’s why we wanted to just package it and put it all into the Love Local.”

Kendall said that she hopes her Love Local program will get these designers more exposure because they are working so hard to get their brands out in the public eye. She wants to make it easier to bring the products from the designers to the customers.

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