December 06, 2014

Claire Cooper

Local website calculates the ‘perfect gift’

Lesley Morrison Midkiff’s husband always wanted to get her nice gifts for special occasions but found it difficult to think of the “perfect gift.” He didn’t want to ask Morrison Midkiff, because he didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

“He would end up having to ask me what I wanted, but hated that asking me what I wanted would ruin the surprise,” Morrison Midkiff said.

Then, Morrison Midkiff had the idea for Boy Keeps Girl, a website that would allow husbands, boyfriends, and whoever else a woman wanted to give her username and password to the holy grail of gift giving: a wish list that tells the users what the woman wants without having to ask, and still allows them to pick a gift from her wish list without her knowing exactly what it is.

Boy Keeps Girl differentiates itself from the wish lists on retail websites like Amazon in a few different ways. For one, stores a woman’s dress size, shoe size, ring size and all essential sizing information on file in case her significant other wants to surprise her. It also allows the person making the profile to create her wish list with items from any store or website and keep them all in the same place, rather than having several different wish lists on different sites.

Morrison Midkiff is planning on making a sister site, Girl Keeps Boy, for a woman to be able to do the same gift-giving for her significant other. The website has reminders set up for weeks in advance to send emails to remind a significant other about birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions that might require a gift.

The website is still undergoing improvements, making the format more readable and accessible to the users. Most users this far are friends or family to Morrison Midkiff and her husband, in order to give the site a test run and work out any remaining kinks in the system.

While the website is still in its beginning stages, Morrison Midkiff has high hopes for the future of Boy Keeps Girl, and believes the website will truly help to improve relationships between couples in the gift-giving season.