There is one special amenity at Scottsdale Fashion Square that no other property in the world can boast. That’s Roving Concierge Peter Harden, who’s also a proud Chandler dad and resident. 

Known throughout the mall, and in fact throughout all of Arizona, as the “mayor” of Scottsdale Fashion Square, Harden for more than 21 years has been the very definition of top-tier personal service and the region’s finest retail ambassador. 

On any day, Harden is busy making easy and comfortable connections with shoppers throughout the property, “roving” Arizona’s undisputed luxury leader with kind words and inspired ideas about what to find and where. This approach to giving everyone at Scottsdale Fashion Square the true star treatment has earned him a wide set of fans – from international celebrities to upscale shoppers from across the globe.  

For instance, Harden tells the story of meeting Robin Williams at the mall a few years ago – and in line with so many Peter Harden stories – this one ends with Williams’ flying Harden to New York to attend the last of Williams’ famous Comic Relief fundraisers. Their connection was immediate and enduring.

And just a few weeks ago, Harden helped another customer with an unusual personal shopping mission – to fulfill a longtime promise to buy his wife the perfect diamond ring. After one of his signature warm greetings and typical offer of, “What can I help you with?” Harden heard the story and led the man right to Tiffany & Co. There, with beautiful rings arrayed on a gleaming counter, Harden helped this grateful shopper choose the ring of a lifetime. That’s just the kind of thing he does every day. 

From Doug Aitken, store manager at Tiffany & Co., Scottsdale Fashion Square: “At Tiffany & Co., we strive to provide each client with an exceptional luxury experience. That experience begins even before our client enters our store. Scottsdale Fashion Square has been a great partner in providing special care and experiences for guests. Perhaps the most cherished provider of that care is the roving concierge, Peter Harden – or as he is very affectionately known, “The Mayor of the Mall”. Peter has an infectious personality, is loved by all he comes in contact with, and is one of the many treasures waiting to be discovered by guests at the Scottsdale Fashion Square.” 

From James Keller, store manager at Salvatore Ferragamo, Scottsdale Fashion Square: “It’s hard to find people more dedicated to their craft than Peter.  I’ve never known of a mall or shopping center with such a unique individual wandering the property just looking to help people that look like they might be in need of some assistance.  It’s special and shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

From Laurel Charnas, store manager at David Yurman, Scottsdale Fashion Square: “The first couple of thoughts come to mind when I think of Peter:

• Positive and Polished.

• Impeccable taste and phenomenal dresser.

• Immediately makes shoppers feel welcome and comfortable.

• He genuinely cares about the shoppers and mall’s entire employeement team.

• Knowledgeable on Store Brands, celebrities/Athletes and tries to connect them with appropriate stores.

Peter is always professional and has a most amazing smile. My nickname for Peter is Saint Peter.” 

Harden has a remarkable ability to connect with shoppers at Scottsdale Fashion Square. He started out with mall security before Macerich created the special position for his unmatched talents. And the rest is history. 

Like the diamond ring he helped the thankful shopper discover, Peter Harden is indeed a rare gem. And one of the many singular experiences that help define Arizona’s true luxury shopping destination, Scottsdale Fashion Square.