October 17, 2019

Experience AZ

Merchantile brings Scottsdale a new kind of shopping experience

A new kind of shopping experience featuring an array of unique permanent shops and pop-ups has officially opened in the heart of historic Old Town Scottsdale.  The Merchantile of Scottsdale (3965 N. Brown Ave. in Scottsdale) is a new 5,400-square-foot  boutique marketplace featuring a curated mix of 40 locally-owned and independent merchants including clothing, accessories, home decor, bath and beauty products, art, and one-of-a-kind gifts.  The new type of retail startup allows small companies to share space — and foot traffic — in a bustling brick-and-mortar setting. An onsite coffee shop and co-working space makes The Merchantile of Scottsdale an ideal spot to sip, shop and socialize in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale’s historic district.

“The vision behind The Merchantile’s  co-retail concept is to help small local businesses grow by offering a trendsetting destination retail space with an ever-changing mix of hip products cultivated by Arizona tastemakers and artisans,” said Founder Kimberly Pak.

Over 40 permanent, seasonal and pop-up vendors have joined the marketplace, ranging from designer vintage clothing and handmade jewelry to home decor,  art, luxury bath and beauty products and much more. An ever-changing mix of pop-up vendors will showcase their products on a rotating basis through weekly special events, crafting events and hands-on instruction hosted by local artisans.

“We are incredibly excited about the unique product mix offered by the marketplace merchants,” Pak said. “With an array of shops each offering something different, visitors to the marketplace are sure to find something they love each and every time they visit the marketplace,” she said.

From beautifully handmade products by local artisans to designer vintage clothing, The Merchantile is home to a number of notable permanent shops including Porter Home Decor, Truly Blessed Jewels, The Glamorous Nomad, and Redemption Market.  From clothing, shoes and accessories to handmade jewelry to home decor, art, bath and beauty products, antiques, collectibles and more, there is always a unique treasure to discover at The Merchantile of Scottsdale.

Aligning with global retail trends creatively adapting traditional to evolving market trends, The Merchantile of Scottsdale is a beautifully curated  concept store where locals and visitors alike can gather, shop an array of high-quality goods and meet the craftspeople, designers and artisans fueling the next generation of retail small business in Arizona. The Merchantile will also function as an event space by partnering with community organizations and brands looking to host public and private functions and branded pop-up events.

For a complete listing of shops and vendors of The Merchantile of Scottsdale and a detailed listing of artist workshops and special events, visit www.themerchantileofscottsdale.com.