Silicon bellies helping couples in keeping surrogacy under wraps

Today more and more couples are embracing surrogacy to have a baby for numerous reasons. And the readily available fake silicon bellies in the market are helping these couples to keep the news of surrogacy under wraps.

Also known as artificial bellies, these fake silicon bellies are available in every size and multiple price ranges on every online store and in selected physical stores. Couples can even order customized silicone belly, which is made according to the customer’s specific requirements.

When they choose to have a baby through a surrogate mother, many couples wish to keep it a secret and do not even disclose it to their parents and their relatives. For such couples, these fake pregnancy bellies have emerged as face savers.

Fake baby bumps get the nod from doctors too.

One such couple who used a fake pregnancy belly is Anand Shetty and his wife, Anita. Anand explained that his wife is working full-time and had to keep the secret at home and the workplace. So they contacted a supplier in their vicinity and got a custom fake silicone belly ordered for various pregnancy stages. Anita then wore the fake baby bumps throughout the term of the surrogate mother. Doctors, too, have a very positive view of these fake baby bumps. Dr. C Geetha Haripriya, a renowned obstetrician and gynecologist specializing in reproductive medicine and laparoscopic surgery, considers the fake pregnancy belly to be very useful for surrogate couples to mingle during social occasions.

The reasons for hiding surrogacy are many. However, the most common is the feeling of embarrassment.  Dr. Haripriya explains that couples feel it is incredibly embarrassing to tell everyone that they have a child through someone else. Hence they wish to keep it a secret. However, a woman can’t stay away from relatives and family for nine months, and therefore they use fake pregnancy belly to participate in social gatherings freely. She further notes that after nine months, the wife and the surrogate mother are admitted to the same hospital, and then the wife takes the surrogate child home as her own.

Fake pregnancy bumps are readily available in online stores. Their prices vary depending on the size and the range and generally have price brackets of INR 3,100 to INR 11,500. These silicon bellies are most commonly sourced from China and Hong Kong. What makes them popular is the fact that they are effortless to wear and carry. They come with straps that help in adjusting the bump according to the convenience of the user. These baby bumps are made from silicone, and interestingly the feel and touch of the fake bumps are like the real ones. 

Demand for fake silicon bellies on the rise

The use of such fake pregnancy bellies is widespread, and in fact, even celebrities have used it to fake their pregnancy while having babies through a surrogate mother. And now with the times changing, this trend is getting popular among the common people as well.  Suppliers of such fake silicon bellies have registered a steady increase in their demand in recent years. One such supplier states that they are receiving several orders from major Indian cities and abroad. He notes that many are anonymous, and only essential details such as the lady’s height and weight are given.

Hospitals, too, are now embracing these fake baby bumps, as Dr. Sumitra Aggarwal of Sumitra S1 Prosthesis explains. She notes that in their hospital, they have received orders from a few people directly from South India, and at their hospital, they custom-make it to suit the customer requirements, and the price varies as per the weight of the belly.