2020 was set to be the perfect Halloween: the holiday falls on a Saturday, and it’s a full moon! And as many traditional Halloween activities are on hold this year, DoorDash is finding ways to make the spooky holiday special at home, especially for those who need it most: parents. 

In a new ‘Dash-oween” survey of 1,000 parents, DoorDash found 84% of parents admit to stealing their kids’ Halloween candy. To help parents treat themselves this year without the highly-awaited candy haul from trick or treating outings this Halloween, DoorDash and Mars Wrigley are partnering to give parents a treat of their own. 

On Halloween, families can get a free ‘Parents Only’ candy bundle exclusively through 16 DoorDash DashMarts, a new type of convenience store by DoorDash offering both household essentials and local restaurant favorites across the country – perfect for the majority of parents planning to spend a family night at home. 

Here’s how it works:

• Simply open up your DoorDash app and select DashMart

• Select your ‘Parents Only’ bundle and check out

• Use promo code ‘PARENTS” at checkout to get your ‘Parents Only’ candy bundle for free* while supplies last 

• Your order will be delivered to your door – and watch out for your Ding-Dong-Dasher with contactless delivery 

DoorDash is also offering customers $5 off a purchase of $20 or more at all DashMarts and any eligible convenience store when they add candy to their cart. The promo will run from October 28 through Halloween (10/31) while supplies last.

If you’re wondering how parents are celebrating this year, the Dash-oween survey also found:

What candy will parents miss stealing from their kids’ Halloween stash the most? DoorDash found that SNICKERS reign supreme as parents #1 favorite candy selected by 26% of Americans, followed by TWIX (16%) and M&M’S (15%);

• While most parents plan to celebrate Halloween this year by staying home and watching scary movies(62%), decorating their spaces (61%), dressing up (58%) or handing out candy (55%) – many are sad to be missing out on the festivities;

• 88% of parents will miss at least one major form of celebrating Halloween this year due to COVID-19 – with 55% wishing they could attend a party and 51% wishing they could take kids trick or treating; 

• And 40% of parents are considering having candy delivered to their door this Halloween, primarily due to COVID-19 safety concerns (30%). 

• While 34% plan to order their kids’ favorite meal for Halloween dinner at home.

The Dash-oween ‘Parents Only’ promotion will be exclusively available in DashMart locations across 16 cities in the US – Chicago, Minneapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dallas, Salt Lake City, the greater Phoenix area, Redwood City, CA, San Diego, Baltimore, Denver, Sacramento, Los Gatos, CA, Houston, Tempe, AZ, and Concord, CA.