Collecting and adorning oneself in timeless vintage pieces can be a captivating pastime. Whether you wear it proudly or hoard it for future endeavors, gentle cleaning often breathes new life into its once-resplendent glory while shielding it against the relentless march of deterioration. If you like owning these exuberant keepsakes, then follow our guide to prevent them from getting lackluster:

• Begin by carefully inspecting each piece, using a magnifying glass to identify loose stones or underlying dirt.

• Gently clean the surface using a soft toothbrush dipped in a mild solution of water and detergent. 

• Avoid commercial jewelry cleaners, as they can be too harsh for delicate items.

• Rinse the jewelry with cool, clean water to remove any remaining suds, ensuring no residue is left behind. 

• Drying the piece thoroughly is crucial to prevent moisture-related damage.

• To prevent your vintage jewelry from drying out and becoming brittle, apply a thin layer of high-quality mineral oil once a year. Using a Q-tip, carefully apply the oil and allow it to soak in for a few hours or overnight. Remove any excess oil by gently washing it off with a soft toothbrush dipped in a gentle solution of dishwashing liquid and water. 

• Afterward, ensure the piece is completely dry before storing it, allowing at least 15 minutes for drying.

• Apply makeup, lotion, and perfume before putting on your jewelry, as these substances can harm various types of jewelry. 

• Proper storage of Castafiore’s vintage jewelry is vital to prevent chipping, cracking, or tarnishing of your vintage items. Store them separately from other jewelry, especially pieces with sharp edges or hard gems that may scratch or chip the more delicate materials. A jewelry box or soft pouch can provide protection and allow the items to breathe. 

• Additionally, maintain a moderate temperature and keep them away from moisture and heat.


So, my dear connoisseurs of vintage jewelry, heed my words and embark on this grand voyage armed with newfound knowledge. Cleanse, maintain, and protect these heirlooms with unwavering dedication. And may your collection shine bright, an eternal testament to your discerning taste and boundless admiration.