Many Arizona families are planning to hit the road for a spring break road trip and they’re not alone! More than 56% of Americans are planning a trip this spring and 37% have something in the books for spring break vacation — an increase from the 29% in 2021. If you’re hitting the road to Flagstaff, Sedona, Rocky Point, or San Diego, you should be prepared to keep the kiddos occupied. 

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Additionally, making sure your car or truck is in tip-top shape is extremely important. If your vehicle is overdue for an oil change, has a leaky tire, or a burnt-out taillight, those things need to be addressed. Emergency kits should never be overlooked as well. Preparation and prevention are key when taking your family on a road trip. Below is a list of our favorite mom hacks and a simple maintenance checklist. 


Whitney Yates-Woods is Dealer Principal of family-owned Yates Buick GMC in Goodyear.

Create a Boredom Box: Before the trip put together a box or bag filled with entertainment. Include items like books, puzzles, toys, coloring books, handheld games and opt for mess free options. Magnadoodle and Color Wonder Stow & Go are two great options for keeping markers off the seats and walls of your car. Pack a jump rope or a ball to exert energy while making stops.

Make it an educational adventure: Throughout the pandemic, children have been in and out of school forcing parents to play a larger role in their child’s education. So, when traveling, parents are looking for educational activities. Research the route you’re traveling to find a historical landmark to visit for a little history lesson.

Have media downloaded: When the boredom box is no longer cutting it, have shows, movies, audiobooks, and podcasts downloaded before the trip. This will ensure your media will play with no buffering delays. To engage everyone in the car, throw on the podcast Brains On. They ask and explain thought provoking questions like “Why does the Sun make people sneeze?” and “Why does tickling make us laugh?”.

Purchase a toy claw: What can be a toy for your child can also double as a tool for you. Invest in a reacher grabber tool or what a child might call a robot arm. This can be useful for passing snacks back to the child in the third row or to pick up the action figure dropped in a car seat for the tenth time.

Pack lots of snacks: With bored eating being the number one was to pass time on a road trip, snacks are a must. Invest in a cooler that fits nicely in your vehicle. Pack snacks that are easy for children to open and don’t create a large mess. Include a variety and overpack. This will minimize gas station stops that waste time and money.  


• Check tire pressure

• Inspect the battery

• Make sure oil change is current

• Don’t ignore headlights and wipers

• Be sure taillights are functioning properly

• Ensure fluid levels are where they need to be

• Buy a roadside emergency kit


Author: Whitney Yates-Woods is Dealer Principal of family-owned Yates Buick GMC in Goodyear. Yates Buick GMC has been serving the Phoenix metropolitan area for more than 37 years. To see the current inventory or to schedule a maintenance appointment, visit