May 18, 2020

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Start making money by joining a pet affiliation program

Loving your pets means providing them with a healthy and loving life. Are you’re an avid pet blogger? Do you like talking about the latest salon treatments for pets, or have a blog or YouTube channel that showcases recipes for pets? Whatever you’re niche is, as long as it’s related to your pets, you can make money from it.

A pet affiliation program will let you earn commissions with your original content, and we’ve chosen some of the top ones online. To give you a brief overview of the earning potential, over USD 95.7 billion was spent on the pet industry in 2019, and the figures are estimated to rise every year. More than USD 36.9 billion was spent on pet foods and treats while vet care and product sales amounted to USD 29.3 billion. 

This means you can make a lot of out your commissions as long as you’re putting out quality content in your pet-related niche.

How It Works

When you sign up for a pet affiliation program, the merchant gives you a unique ID/URL for every product. The buyer clicks on that link when reading your blog posts/website content. After they accept the cookie, the merchant pays you the commission price for that sale.

And here are a few tips on how to promote products as an affiliate to help you get you started:

• Pick A Unique Niche – If you’re talking about pet-related products on a blog, make sure you pick a unique niche. Don’t go with generic niches like dog food. Be specific. Try to solve your readers’ problems by narrowing the topic you discuss. Some examples include – dogs who have allergies to particular foods or topics revolving around pet training supplies for the summers.

• Use A Keyword Research Tool – Use a keyword research tool to find out what topics are trending and locate your potential audience. There are a few free ones out there but the premium ones will give you analytics and deeper insights.

• Make A Website – Get web hosting and make sure you register a domain name. Pick a unique and memorable name for your website and brainstorm for ideas. When you’re buying web hosting you want to look for security, reliability and get access to dashboard tools that let you access and easily manage incoming traffic.  If you’re using a blogging platform and not a website, we recommend WordPress. WordPress blogs have the additional advantage of being integrated into websites.

The pawTree Affiliate Program

pawTree offers a unique pet affiliation program that lets you earn to your heart’s desire. What we love about them is their list of products for cats and dogs. From pet food seasoning, potty training supplies, dog toys and health and wellness supplements, they sell a variety of products on their website. And if your pets have any medical or health issues, you can shop based on different conditions. You can earn up to 35% for every sale made and get recurring sales when any customers opt for their EZ Ship membership.

Hopefully, these tips will get you started. Have fun and be sure to enjoy creating valuable content!