Hollywood actors embody the perfect body of a masculine man, especially Sylvester Stallone, famous for his role as Rocky Balboa. He has been on big screens and played the roles of muscular characters, and a lot of people admire his incredible physique and bulky figure.

If you are wondering how to achieve “Rocky’s” level of proportions, you should know a few things.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone has been a pivotal person in American films for nearly four decades. He has been in two very popular film series, Rambo and Rocky. Stallone has a chiseled physique that attracts attention both on-screen and off. You may be surprised by how much work and effort he had invested to attain and retain his great figure.

Stallone had revealed before that he always aimed for perfection in every set of his films, where he later admitted that it left him physically exhausted. Thus, if you are planning to follow his routine, it would be best to have your workout all planned out and match perfectly for you. Still, if you are here to learn more about Rocky’s secret, you can read further.

Sylvester Stallone, “Rocky,” Diet Plan

Aside from the intensive workout routine, Stallone also emphasized his diet and nutrition, especially in his early training for Rocky. So, his meal plan is as strict as a workout.

Stallone highlighted that he was on a high protein diet and mainly eats small portions of oatmeal cookies with almost 25 cups of coffee a day with honey. However, it has gotten to a point where his fat level dropped to 2.9, which is extremely dangerous. So, after everything that he experienced, he now advocated a more practical and healthier diet plan.

Moreover, he did not mention taking any supplements at that time. As a regular person, you can add vitamins to your meal. If you think this can be costly, you can try to look for coupons that can help you lessen the expenses.

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Here is what was Stallone’s meal plan during his Rambo 4, Rocky Balboa, and the first Expendables movie looked like:

• Before he eats his meal, he drinks a glass of amino liquids. Then he eats three egg whites and a half yoke. He pairs this with Irish oatmeal, toasted pumpernickel bread, fresh papayas, and a few figs.

• For lunch, he roasts summer squash and eats it with his good salad and figs or berries. He also adds broiled skinless chicken for protein.

• His dinner is mainly salad with toasted bread rich in fiber and a broiled fish.

Sylvester Stallone, “Rocky,” Workout Plan

When he was working for Rocky, he wanted to look like the fictional character, Tarzan, who has an almost catlike figure with a sleek and tight body. So, he changed his goal to a hardcore weightlifting program and increased his exercise.

He also followed this routine for Rocky as he worked for the 2010s The Expendables. It may look extreme for a regular person, but this is more modest compared to his previous workout routines, which he, unfortunately, did not disclose yet.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Morning)

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Stallone focuses on his chest, back, and abs and does the following:

• Four sets of incline bench press with eight to ten reps.

• Another four sets of dumbbell flys with ten to 12 reps.

• Five sets of Close-grip bench press with six to eight reps.

• Six sets of wide-grip chin-ups with eight to ten reps.

• Four sets for bent-over One-arm Lateral Raises with eight to ten reps.

• He does ten to 12 reps of four sets of close-grip seated rows

• Three sets of raised leg crunch with eight to ten reps.

• Three sets of seated extensions with eight to ten reps.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Afternoon)

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, he shifts his focus to his shoulders, arms, and abs.

• Four sets of the military press with eight to ten reps.

• Four sets of side lateral raise with ten to 12 reps.

• Five sets of bent-over dumbbell flys with six to eight reps.

• Three sets of barbell curls with eight to ten reps.

• Three sets of seated incline dumbbell curls with eight to ten reps.

• Four sets of concentration curls with ten to 12 reps.

• Three sets of lying dumbbells raise with eight to ten reps.

• Three sets of bent-over one-arm lateral raises with eight to ten reps.

• Three sets of cable pull-downs with ten reps.

• Three sets of alternate leg-raised with eight to ten reps.

• Three sets of decline bench sit-ups with eight to ten reps.

• Three sets of oblique crunches with six to eight reps.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Sylvester Stallone is a significant person in the American film industry. He not only sold millions of tickets but also presented a relatively healthy toned body. If you are looking for ways to inspire you to finally build your muscles, he is the perfect person to look into.