To most teenagers, getting a license is one of the biggest milestones of their school years. They look forward to being independent drivers on road. It is important to drive themselves to school, activities, or a job. These are the main reasons why teenagers are in a hurry in getting their driving licenses.

If your teenager is eager to start off with his driving lessons, it is vital to learn a few basic driving rules for teenagers in Oregon. Accidents in Oregon are increasing and reports reveal that they are gaining momentum among teenagers. An Oregon accident lawyer will help you deal with the issues that may arise after an accident. Keep reading to know more about teenage driving rules that you should keep in mind.

Car crash statistics and facts

Here are a few teen driver statistics that we’ve gathered from credible sources. You’ll be alarmed to know the facts about traffic accidents among young drivers.

●   Newly licensed teens have the largest number of crash rates. In the initial few months of having a license, data reveals that the crash rate per mile driven is 1.5 times as high for 16-year-old drivers as against 18-19-year-old drivers.

●   One of the biggest problems among teen drivers is distracted driving. A report from 2020 found that among high school students, nearly 46% reported they sent an email or text even once during the month.

●   Teen drivers are more susceptible to accidents than older drivers as they drive above the speed limit and follow the vehicle lying in front of them.

●   Young drivers between the age of 16 and 19 years old cause accidents in the dark.  a report found 50% of car crashes occur in the dark.

Common behaviors that lead to car crashes among teens

Teen drivers are more vulnerable to fatal accidents due to a lack of experience on the road. Here is a list of the most common behaviors that lead to traffic accidents.

●   Peer passengers

As soon as the teens grab their driver’s license, they get the instant urge of driving their friends around. Being a teen and driving around with passengers inside the car can heighten the risk of accidents. Data reveals that the risk of an accident increases with every additional passenger in the vehicle driven by a teen. In fact,  in the year 2021,  58% of the deaths among teenage vehicle passengers were riding in a car that was driven by another teenager.

●   Speeding

Another leading factor behind fatal crashes is speeding.  teens are found to cross the speed limit more than older drivers. In the year 2020,  the proportion of speeding-related fatal car crashes decreased as the age of the driver increased. Female drivers are less likely to cross the speed limit and hence they are lesser likely to be involved in car crashes.

●   Distracted driving

Texting and driving are not what is all about distracted driving.  There are several other activities like eating,  drinking,  or even listening to music,  that can contribute to distracted driving and its fable consequences. Hence it is advised that you shouldn’t be distracted in any way while you are driving.

So now that you are aware of the accident statistics in Oregon,  make sure you take the necessary precautions to stay away from fatal crashes.