When a pest problem becomes apparent in your home, it can be easy to call the first exterminator you find. Pests are a nuisance and can leave behind lasting health problems for those in the infested home. While it is incredibly important to treat a pest infestation as soon as possible, it is of equal importance to find a trusted and reputable pest control company in your city to do the job right.

With several pest control companies listed on sites such as Nationwide Pest Control, the questions listed below can be used as a helpful tool when choosing the right company for you.

1. “Are your specialists trained, licensed, and insured?”

Reputable pest control companies will not only have thorough on the job training for their specialists but will also ensure that they are certified, licensed, and insured. The response to this question should ALWAYS be “Yes!”.

Each specialist should also be able to provide a certification to show as proof. 

2. “Do you offer a free inspection and a firm quote?”

Most pest control companies offer a free inspection to help you better understand which pests have become problematic in your home and how severe the infestation is. After the initial consultation, you should be given a quote detailing the cost of treatment and prevention that the pest control company will provide.

You will want to ensure that you receive a firm quote. Some companies may state that quotes are subject to change, however, trusted companies will be able to identify the problem and accurately determine the cost of treatment.

3. “What type of treatment do you anticipate using in my home?

It is of utmost importance when treating an infestation that pesticides and harmful chemicals are only used as a last resort. You want to be sure that you and your family remain safe from the toxic chemicals that some companies use to treat pests. While pesticides are used often in small doses to target the pests, the chemicals within pesticides can still be harmful to people. A trusted pest control company should inform you of the treatment process and how to keep your family safe and free from toxic chemicals during this time.

4. “Will you eliminate our pest problem and prevent this type of pest from coming back?”

Oftentimes an exterminator will need to return to your house after their first appointment to ensure that the pest problem is eliminated and remains that way. You should feel comfortable asking not only about the type of treatment that will be used, but also the length of time they anticipate the treatment takes.

Depending on the severity of the pest infestation, the specialist may need to return monthly or bi-monthly for treatment. This process could last up to 6 months so it is best to have an idea of the length of treatment used to prevent pests from returning.

5. “Do you have reviews available for me to read?”

Just like reading Yelp reviews for restaurants, it can also greatly benefit you to read reviews of pest control companies. A company with a large number of positive and honest reviews shows that the company is trusted and likely has been in business for a long period. If other members of your community trust a certain company, it’s likely that you will have a good experience with them as well.

Nationwide Pest Control is one of the largest referral networks for pest control companies in the nation! It’s a great place to find all of the pest control companies located in your city and to read the reviews for each company. If you are searching for a dependable exterminator in your area, consider resources like Nationwide that ensure you received high-quality professionals at your fingertips.