Sciatica shouldn’t stop you from living your everyday life as simply as possible. Have you considered seeing a chiropractor?

Having a chiropractic treatment for sciatica could change your life. After reading this article, you’ll want to book an appointment with your nearest chiropractor immediately.

We know that sciatica affects many people—but it shouldn’t affect their goals and choices anymore. Continue reading to find out why you should see a chiropractor for your sciatic pain.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is the painful product of irritating the sciatic nerve located in your lower spine. This can be caused by compressing or irritating your lower back, affecting the sciatic nerve.

Originating in your back, sciatica will travel from there into your leg. This is the path of the sciatic nerve, causing you to feel the effects of pain throughout different areas of your body.

Symptoms of Sciatica

Symptoms of sciatica include pain and numbness throughout your back, buttocks, and leg. This sensation is a burning feeling or a shooting pain targeting your lower half.

The compression of this nerve will typically lead to feeling the effects in one leg and increased pain when trying to sit, stand, or twist your body. 

Oftentimes sciatica will only affect one leg, targeting the area through the nerve.

Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is the product of nerve compression, usually caused by herniated discs, pregnancy, lumbar spine subluxations, and even by sitting on your wallet.

Another root cause of sciatica is piriformis syndrome. This syndrome is named after the piriformis muscle, located in your lower spine and stretched throughout your hip and thigh. 

Pain from the piriformis muscle can be from sciatica. Suffering a fall, a break, or a misalignment can trigger the sciatic nerve and cause sciatica.

The Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Sciatic Pain

Most people might not think that a chiropractor is the one to go to for sciatic pain, but it might just be the thing that helps you in the long run.

You don’t need a referral to see a chiropractor, making it that much easier to go in for your first appointment. A chiropractor will assess your nerve pain and decide if you need a referral, medication, or further X-rays.

The benefits of seeing a chiropractor include less pain, smoother movement, and easier joint rotations. You might even sleep better.

Because chiropractors can focus on the spinal column and the nerves surrounding it, approaching your sciatica with hands-on care might be the best thing you’ve done for your pain.

If you’re searching for signs that it might be time to visit a chiropractor, visit this website.

Chiropractors are trained in musculoskeletal treatment, ensuring that they’re indeed the right ones for the job. Since sciatica is an inherently nerve-induced pain, having a chiropractor treat your sciatica is a smart move.

What are the Chiropractic Treatments Available for Sciatica?

Your chiropractor might try several different methods to treat your sciatica. These include:

• Massage

• TENS Unit

• Acupuncture

• Ultrasound

• Ice/Cold therapy

• Heat application

• Spinal Manipulation therapy

Each of these methods is used to target the sciatic nerve and its counterparts throughout your body. Your chiropractor knows where to press, heat, and twist your body to help relieve your pain.

Treatment from a chiropractor might even result in less use of painkillers. Since the approach from your chiropractor is a hands-on, natural treatment, you might find yourself not needing as much pain medication.

With methods like massage and acupuncture, you’ll find yourself relaxed and relieved through the calming and stretching nature of these treatments.

A chiropractor using a TENS Unit and/or ultrasound on your sciatica might be beneficial because of the mild shockwaves sent through your muscles. This type of treatment targets the pain induced by nerve damage by sending shock signals throughout your muscles.

These shockwaves can help calm the muscle from spasms or tightening, allowing your body to relax and breathe.

Chiropractors might try heat application or ice/cold therapy methods on sciatica as well since these types of treatment heat up or cool down your muscles and pain. 

Seeing a chiropractor for sciatic pain management might benefit you greatly and provide less pain and less medication.

How Will I Feel After a Chiropractic Appointment?

It depends on your body. You might feel a big change with lots of pain and discomfort relief, or you might feel sore in different areas of your body.

These feelings might only last a few hours to a day, but rest assured, it doesn’t mean that your chiropractic treatment doesn’t work. Since your body aligns itself in certain ways, misaligning certain areas might feel uncomfortable or sore at first.

While your body trains itself to re-align, you might feel achy or uncomfortable, but this means it’s working. Keeping up a chiropractic treatment routine will change the way your body moves for the better.

Getting Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica Today

Seeing a chiropractor for sciatica might be the perfect thing to get your body feeling like itself again. While some treatments might be met with soreness, this isn’t a bad thing.

Training your body to align differently will help ease pain and discomfort, giving you the mobility and ability you’ve been needing.

Getting chiropractic treatment for sciatica could be the right thing for you. The ease and comfort of seeing a chiropractor will encourage you to book an appointment today.

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