If you are thinking about branching out from wearing your glasses or have just been diagnosed with a different eye prescription, you might be wondering what your options are.

The truth is, there are a few different choices when it comes to contacts these days, and technology is advancing every day. That being said, daily contact lenses are still hailed as the best option for those who want to use contact lenses, and there are some good reasons why.

This piece will discuss some of the reasons you should use daily contacts over other options and what benefits they can offer you.


One of the best things about daily contact lenses is that you can use them whenever you need to (within reason). You simply just have to pop them in when you need them and remove them when you are finished.

They are particularly useful for those who need to use lenses over glasses for certain things such as cycling, dancing, or partaking in other sports that require movement or additional eyewear. Sports contacts are comfortable to wear and can be thrown away when you are finished with your activity! They also allow you to wear whatever sunglasses you would like, whenever you would like to, without having to swap between prescription glasses and sunglasses.

More Hygienic

Daily lenses are well known for being the most hygienic option of lenses due to their single-use nature. They are supplied in their own packet individually and should be thrown away immediately when finished with. There is no risk of the lens not being cleaned properly after use, which is a risk you have with weekly or monthly lenses. There is also a limited risk of cross-contamination because they are not designed to be stored after being cleaned, sitting in a solution. This makes this a great option for those who are prone to eye infections or just want to reduce their risks of anything happening to their eyes.

It Does Not Matter if You Lose One

Having weekly or monthly contact lenses means you only get given one pair at a time. This can spell a disaster if you happen to lose one, drop one, or crack one. You will have to wait for a replacement and use glasses in the meantime while that is sorted. If you use daily contact lenses, you can simply carry a couple of packets around with you, so if you do get into a bit of a bother where you have lost a contact, or you need to change one out because something has gotten in,, your eye for example. You merely just have to wash and dry your hands thoroughly and insert a new contact, then you can go on with your day!

While daily lenses are not for everyone, they are a great beginner’s choice and can be particularly convenient in a way that other lens options are not. While they can be more expensive than other options, they make up for it with flexibility and less risk of eye infections.