Have you played out every recent game and are looking for something new? It happens, and sometimes you can just get bored of playing something. Luckily, there are always new games on the horizon, with new characters, new challenges, and new experiences for the player. You might get your games through one of the many platforms, or you can choose an online video game store like YuPlay. Preordering games ensures you get the gaming experience you want as soon as it is released. Here are some of the games you can preorder right now. 

Atomic Heart

It’s 1955. Russian scientist Dmitry Sechenov has been working on a project since the 30s that will change the world. His creation: the Polymer, a module that allows robots to take over manual labor and “live” shoulder to shoulder with humans. He’s on the verge of introducing the next phase of the technology, which will allow the robots to be linked together on a network of artificial intelligence. It also is able to link the human mind with the robot. 

However, something happens at facility 3828, and some robots are out of control. Sergei Nechayah must infiltrate the facility, and get things under control. Armed with his biomechanical glove and an array of weaponry, he will battle monsters, mutants, and vengeful robots before he can complete his mission. 

Blood Bowl 3

Who says that only people can play football? In Blood Bowl, it turns out that you can line up against all sorts of creatures, such as orcs and ogres. The only problem is that while humans might try to hurt you, the monsters will try to kill you, or at least maim you. This game is based on a board game that looks to bring fantasy to football, with a violent twist. 

This game isn’t just a simulation of football. In this game, you can cheat and bludgeon your way to the endzone. The violence is gory but in a fun and funny way. Everything else you’d see at a football game is here. You have coaches (this game gives new meaning to “offensive coordinator), cheerleaders, and fans. There is one notable omission though: the referees! It’s no hold barred out there, so you’d better be ready to fight. 

Street Fighter 6

This one might be the most anticipated game of the year. The sixth installment of the groundbreaking franchise promises to pack a punch. There are improved graphics, new moves, new characters, and even commentary from Street Fighter champions. The wait has been many years, but this version will be worth it. 

Street Fighter 6 features three modes of play. The Battle Hub sounds like the most exciting, as it is a social area where you can connect with players all over the world and of course challenge them to fight. You can practice your moves before stepping into a fighting ground, and see where you rank among everyone playing the game. This version allows you to create your own fighter with a unique avatar and set of moves, as well. 

Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Resident Evil franchise seems like it’s been around forever. Along with the games, there have been movies, tv shows, and comics. Since the 4th game was released in 2005, the technology has improved, and as such, this remake should be stunning. 

It’s been six years since the incident in Raccoon City, and the survivors are trying to rebuild both the city and their lives. However, when the president’s daughter is kidnapped, agent Leon S. Kennedy is dispatched to find her and bring her home. However, it won’t be easy. He tracks her down to a shadowy cult in Spain, where there is something creepy happening with the people of a nearby town. Something has infected them, and now they roam the streets as zombies. Kennedy must get through the hordes of zombies, defeat the cult, and get back home safely to complete his mission. 

The remake is spectacular, with more photorealistic characters and better graphics. The zombies and creatures are scarier, and the gore is bloodier. Help agent Kennedy fulfill his mission and not turn into zombie food…or become one. 

The Last of Us: Part 1

On the heels of the television program, The Last of Us is getting a remake as well. This will bring the almost perfect survival game into the 2020s and introduce the immersive storytelling marvel to a new generation. With this game, no choice is easy, and the consequences are deadly. 

Take control of Joel, a desperate man who is entrusted with bringing teenager Ellie across America. She is cargo to him at first, but soon a bond forms. Ellie is important. Her blood could be the cure for the deadly fungal infection affecting the world.

There you go! These are 5 games you can preorder right now. These games are all highly anticipated, and you want to reserve your downloads before they sell out. Plus, some of them even have early access and special rewards for preordering.