The Beverly on Main is known as the intimate and upscale cocktail lounge that provides its guests something a bit more sophisticated. If venturing into “The Vortex” area, a.k.a. Scottsdale’s Entertainment District, you’ll want to give The Beverly a chance, and see what you’ve been missing. Recently, The Beverly announced a delicious new partnership with Phoenix Suns’ Forward, Torrey Craig.

In a return to the Phoenix Suns, Torrey continues to ingratiate himself to the Valley by being a valuable player and an engaged Arizona resident, wanting to put good out into the community. In an exciting new partnership, The Beverly has partnered with Craig to give a portion of proceeds of a signature cocktail, and in the future, a vegan meal back to The Torrey Craig Foundation. 

“I like to eat after every game,” says Craig. This place is always open late… The kitchen closes like 1:30 a.m. and a lot of times we have late games, so this is one of the spots I started coming to.” Craig switched to a vegan diet seven months ago and loves the variety of vegan options on The Beverly’s food menu. 

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Craig explains, “The first two weeks were tough because I was trying to adjust and learn what to eat and what not to eat… And check and see what has what in it.” Those around him were supportive his chef helped with a good menu. He says that he now feels much better when he plays and knows that it is better for his body.

He has made it part of his regular routine to stop in and eat at The Beverly and meet with the owners and staff.  A positive relationship has developed over time, and the partnership was fostered through the efforts of athlete manager, Josh Mason. 

“Torrey spoke to me about the foundation he started, and I had an idea of bringing awareness to it,” says Mason. “The Beverly was a perfect place to have activations involving food and beverage and we formed a partnership.” 

Craig’s basketball jersey number is “0.” Keeping in the cheeky vein of fun that is The Beverly, the signature cocktail was named “0 F#cks Given.” The unique cocktail incorporates Mandala Tequila, passion fruit, mango, lemon juice and Red Bull Blue Edition, that imparts a blueberry flavor. Taking the creativity up a notch, the cocktail includes two orange ice spheres resembling basketballs and is served in a whiskey-style cocktail glass. Very “swish!”

The best tasting part of the cocktail is that each purchase goes to help The Torrey Craig Foundation. “It’s really for younger kids, anywhere really, and I started it when I re-did the courts back home in my hometown,” says Craig, who hails from Great Falls, SC. “I felt it was only right to start a foundation then and from that, I’ve been able to give back to kids.”

The foundation sponsored two families for a bountiful Christmas. It has also sponsored the Build-A-Bear Foundation that has a literacy program that donates reading materials, and The Hearts ‘n’ Hugs Fund that provides furry Build-A-Bear friends to children in need of comfort. “It’s the little things here and there, and I’m trying to help as many kids as I can,” Craig adds. “I was there building bears with them!”

Very shortly, The Beverly will also have a Torrey Craig-tailored vegan meal that when purchased, funds will go to help The Torrey Craig Foundation. 

At the moment Craig is focused on having a solid end-of-season with the Suns. “Once we get healthy, I feel like we have a chance to be just as good as we were when we went to finals…,” he finishes. “We’ve just had tough luck with these last couple of months with guys being injured, myself included. We’re just trying to get back whole and try to turn this thing around as fast as possible. It’s been tough these last couple of weeks.”

For more information on The Torrey Craig Foundation, visit the page on LinkedIn.