Becoming a parent for the first time comes with so many new thought processes and a laundry list of obligations. For many parents, teaching their children about God ranks high on the list of priorities.

Catholics alone make up more than a billion people today that are baptized. Regardless of what denomination you follow, you can make it both a spiritual and cultural celebration by planning a baptism party.

So, what should you know about putting together one of these events? We’re glad you asked.

Here are some tips to help when you’re a new parent hosting a baptism party.

Recognize the Significance of the Occasion

The first thing you must do is reflect on what this baptism means to you, your child, and your family. Spirituality and religion are personal matters for most people, so there are no right or wrong answers.

Think about what a gift your child is to you and what blessings and rituals you’re hoping to impart through baptism. Set aside some scriptures to pray and meditate on, and perhaps to include as part of the ceremony.

A few great baptism-related scriptures include:

  • Matthew 3:16
  • Acts 2:38
  • Galatians 3:26-27
  • 1 Peter 3:21
  • Acts 22:16
  • 1 Corinthians 12:13
  • Romans 6:3

Commit these verses to memory and pray over your child every day, asking God for some insights and revelations.

Kick Around Baptism Party Ideas

Once you’re clear on the spiritual meaning of your child’s baptism, it’s time to kick around some party ideas. Maybe you want it to be a small occasion with immediate family members and grandparents, or perhaps you’d like to invite the whole family.

You could also make it a grand celebration that involves a church service, followed by a big reception of 50 to 100+ family members, friends, church members, and other people coming to pay tribute and celebrate your child’s life.

Figure out what kind of mood you’d like to impart with the party, and let your creative juices flow.

Create a Budget and Guest List

Always consider the cost matters when planning the party. Create a baptism party checklist and finalize the party guest list. From here, you can begin crunching numbers as you put together your baptism party budget.

This is a milestone occasion for your child’s life, so allow yourself the freedom to spend as much as you want, while remaining financially responsible. Figure out a system so that guests can easily give gifts.

You can also build a registry that has last minute baptism gift ideas that people can pick up.

Get Top-Notch Food and Entertainment

Since it’s a party, you have to also think about matters like food and entertainment. The party isn’t complete unless you feed people and include excellent music, and perhaps desserts and beverages.

Catering for weddings costs roughly $75 per person, according to national averages. Ask caterers how much they’ll charge for your baptism party, and get as many estimates as you need to put together a budget.

You’ll also want to consider decorations for parties so that the occasion is festive and beautiful.

Hosting a Baptism Party to Remember

These tips will help you out when you’re hosting a baptism party for your child. Pour some love into this event by planning it out in detail so that it’s an event to remember.

You’ll appreciate the fact that you’re dedicating your child to God in the presence of the people that you love most. Make us your resource for articles related to family, parenting, business, and other topics that you can brush up on today.