For those who do not have short hair, the first impression would be that curling or adding waves to it would be a quick and easy job. But the truth is that it is not the case with waving or curling short hair. Managing short hair similar to that of long hair has its unique set of challenges that make hairstyling and waving difficult.

There is a lot of hair waver to look out for that are best for short hair and make waving easy and low-maintenance as possible.

Women who have short hair probably know that a traditional flat iron, curling wand, or automatic curler is difficult to manipulate to create a fuller and more textured short hairstyle. Curls made from curling irons often appear as tight spirals that make the already short hair shorter. With a hair waver though, the hair will bed up to 3 times each time it is clamped down without giving away the length in the process.

A hair waver is essentially a heating tool with multiple barrels. A hair waver as opposed to hair crimpers have barrels instead of plates. So, they add waves to the hair instead of just the kinky, curly look that hair crimpers do. Hair wavers are improved versions of the hair crimpers of the nineties.

With a hair waver, hair sections are clamped between two plates of barrels instead of wrapping a large portion around one barrel. Hair wavers also work quicker compared to typical hair irons and create less hair frizz and flyaway hair. Advantageous for short curly hair, as a hair waver can achieve the creation of looser waves without having to straighten it first.

Regardless of the length of hair, waves are an interesting way to change up everyday hair styling. To also enhance further the volume of short hair, using a reliable salt spray at the roots of the hair while still wet is advisable. Also, prepping the short hair with thermal protection creams for it to receive less damage from the heat is a great idea. Finishing the short hairstyling with a not-so-stiff hairspray to hold and/or dry shampoo to improve texture and volume is desirable.

Types of Hair Waver for Short Hair

When looking for the best hair waver for short hair, it is a given that it should be easy and amazing to manipulate or use. For people with short hair, it can be a bliss to be able to experiment with a lot of various styles such as waving, curling, straightening, and others with little to no maintenance.

Here is some combination of characteristics to look out for when looking for a hair waver for short hair:

Ceramic Hair Waver with Adjustable Plates

Almost all great hair wavers are made of ceramic or ceramic tourmaline materials. No matter what length, this kind of hair waver allows for users to style waves – tousled, loose, defined, crimped. Some hair wavers are available aided with adjustable barrel plates, giving more flexibility compared to non-adjustable hair wavers. With adjustable barrel plates, different-sized waves can be created.

Travel-friendly, High-Heat Mini Hair Waver

There are hair wavers that are perfect for travel and short hair! Research on mini deep hair wavers that have plates that heat up quickly. This allows for users to easily create tight waves and texture whenever, wherever. These kinds of hair wavers are gentle on the hair and the barrels can also be made of ceramic, reducing heat damage and hot spots on the hair.


  • Triple-barrel Hair Waver with LC-Display (LCD)


Three barreled hair wavers have the classic design of a hair waver. It allows for the easier creation of long-lasting, perm-like waves just by pressing the hair in between the barrels. An incorporated LCD presentation of the heat up settings and temperature allow for accurate monitoring and control of temperature while using it for styling. Sometimes, a comfortable grip and a power cord that rotates 360 degrees are a bonus.

Small-barreled Hair Waver Equipped with a Dozen Heat Settings

Some hair wavers produce defined, beachy waves even for short hair. Hair wavers that do this often have barrels with ¾ of an inch to an inch of deep groove and this is a great choice especially for short hair. Along with the small barrels, some brands have equipped it with more than two dozen heat settings and may heat up as high as 430 °F which makes it convenient to set waves quicker and compatible for most hair types. A bonus for this kind of hair waver is that it is portable and stores easily as the barrels are thinner and lock together.

Deep Hair Waver with Superb Temperature Control

Some great models of deep waver are lightweight and create laxer, frizzles extra deep waves. They also sometimes feature pulse technology. This technology allows for the control of heat and maintenance of accurate temperatures from the hair waver for more consistent hairstyling. These excellent, multiple heat control also makes it the best choice for hair of all types.

Hairstyling Tools Aside from a Hair Waver

Aside from a hair waver, determining which hot hair tool to use may be quite the challenge. Here are some of the most well-know hot tool choices:

Hot Hair Rollers

Just like hair wavers, hot hair rollers may be great to create bouncy, attractive, and voluminous hair.

To use hot hair rollers, it needs to be warmed before use. Sectioning the hair into 3 columns is the next step while the hair rollers are warming up. The hair rollers are to be installed one block at a time going from one hair section (while pinning the other two sections not worked on) to another.

Curling Irons

Curling irons are also known for creating curls quickly with heat application. This tool also helps restore curls that have gone flat. Like a hair waver, a curling iron’s barrel may be available in various sizes. The choice for the size of the iron barrel may be dependent on the curl goals, length (short or long), texture and hair density desired.

Most users of curling irons are guilty of misusing them. The essential thing to remember to create perfect curls from a curling iron has mainly something to do with the right choice of size, hair status, and holding the curling iron at the wrong angle. This makes a curling iron more complicated to use compared to a hair waver.

Curling Wands

For a girl’s good old collection of hair hot tools, a curling wand should be on the list. Curling wands are said to deliver attractive, natural waves similar to a hair waver. Curling wands have protective tips, a barrel, a barrel rest, handles, and temperature settings much like the average hair wavers have.

When using a curling wand on fine hair, it is recommended to use a temperature setting of 340 to 350 °F. For normal to medium hair, set the heat between 380 to 390 °F. for course hair, a heat setting of 400 to 410 °F is ideal.

Remember that styling the hair requires the use of a lot of heat and heat can damage the hair. So, whichever hair hot tool is used for short hair, whether a hair waver or some other, make sure to avoid and reduce damage by using the right products to the hair.

Spraying hair protectant on the hair before starting the crimping process with a hair waver will go a long way. It will also give the hair enough time to recover between heat hairstyling measures.