While genetics play an important role on the way your skin looks, it requires some effort from your side as well to achieve that youthful glow. Many of us have wondered why some people always look their very best despite no makeup or cosmetic procedures. It’s simple, they know how to build a skin care routine. Once that’s done, they make sure they follow it to the T.

Finding a skin care routine which works actually requires some trial and error. What works for one person might not be working for someone else. This is because each of us is unique in our own way and so is our skin. However, by following these general guidelines you would be able to get great looking skin in no time. You can also visit https://www.renewalliance.com/.

How to build a skin care routine that works?

Are you wondering how to build a skin care routine which is tailor made for your skin? Don’t worry, it’s all pretty simple.

Normally skin care routine can be divided into three simple steps. These include:

• Cleansing: you can choose from a myriad of cleansing products like a face wash or a cleansing lotion, whatever appeals to you.

• Toning: you can either use rose water as a natural toner or choose from the commercially available ones. Toning helps balance the skin.

• Moisturizing: the importance of a good moisturizer can’t be emphasized enough. (Some skin care experts advise use of serums before moisturizers to prepare the skin for absorbing all the essential nutrients in the cream)


Washing your face with a cleanser is essential because the skin is always exposed to dirt and debris. Some of it gets trapped into the pores of our skin. In order to make sure that the skin is clean enough to absorb the products we should ensure that it’s clean first.


Toners can help balance out the skin. In other words a toner acts as a supplement which provide nutrients to your skin. Some toners consist of alpha hydroxyl acids or hyaluronic acid. These help hydrate the skin and make it look plump. Green tree extract in the toners help soothe the skin and make it less irritated. Vitamin E and C help reduce exposure to free radicals which damage skin. Make sure you choose a toner based on your skin type. Refer to a skincare expert to help you choose the right toners.


Consider serums as the allies to your skin. These contain a powerful dose of active ingredients which can help deal with all kind of skin issues like wrinkles and dark spots. Sometimes combining two or more serums can be beneficial. For example a vitamin C serum can balance out the uneven skin tone while spot application of tea tree oil serum can help fight off the acne. Each skin type is unique therefore everyone should choose products which facilitate their skin.


Moisturizers help hydrate the skin. It helps prevent water loss from the outer layers of the skin. Some moisturizers contain ceramides which are helpful in achieving beautiful and glowing skin. The moisturizer you choose should depend on your skin type. There are creams which can be applied during the day and creams which are to be applied t night. Each serve their own purpose, so make sure you don’t mix up the two. Besides that an eye cream also works wonders if you suffer from dark circles. It is packed with nutrients which can help improve the blood flow around the eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Following the above mentioned routine is usually enough to achieve great looking skin. Though, one has to be consistent with their skin care routine. Failure to remove makeup before going to sleep or moisturizing your skin on a daily basis can cause crow’s feet and wrinkles to appear early on. Once that happens you may have to resort to cosmetic procedures. Even if you do tend to go for Botox or fillers, you would still need to maintain a skin care routine to continue looking your very best. It’s pretty simple, if you work for it, you are going to get it. Just the way it holds true for everything else, it does for your skin as well. Effort is what actually counts. Besides that, the use of right products is just as important and can’t be undermined.

When will I start seeing results of my skin care routine?

If you are looking for an instant fix, you may tend to be disappointed. It would take at least six to eight weeks for results to show. Your skin is always rebuilding itself. There would be times when you may feel that nothing is happening. However, slowly and steadily you would start noticing a difference. People are going to start complimenting you.

Besides using the above mentioned skin care routine, make sure you use hydrating mask for that extra glow and yes don’t forget your sun screen. Exercise, eat healthy and stay stress free. Just keep these things in mind and your skin will look and feel great.