Looking for a way to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress? Golfing might be your answer. Not only does golfing help improve mental health, but it also encourages social interaction.

Are you planning a golfing trip with your family and friends in the near future? You’ll instantly reap all of these wonderful benefits of doing so, but to have the best golfing experience there are a few golf essentials you need. Do you have all the right gold essentials to ensure you can play for hours with ease?

In the guide below, you’ll find several of the best golf equipment items every golfer needs. Continue reading to start preparing for your day out on the green.

Golf Tees and Balls

When packing the car for a day of golf, it’s best to start with your basics. You’ll need to have golf tees and balls. If you’re a beginner golfer and don’t already have a large collection of golf balls, then be sure to have about 10-12 balls.

It’s not difficult to run out of golf balls while on the green. Have enough to supply you throughout the entire day. Don’t over-pack your bag with golf balls, however as this will make it heavy to carry around.

Choose which tee height is ideal for you and then be sure to stock up on golf tees as well. It’s also common for golfers to go through several bags of tees by forgetting to pick up their tee after each shot.

Magnetic Golf Towel

Keeping a golf towel with you at all times is essential for keeping your clubs and hands clean. You don’t only want to keep your golf clubs clean for appearance. It’s important to keep the face and grooves clean for optimal performance as well.

A clean club will help maximize spin. A magnetic golf towel is ideal because you can easily carry it along with you. Look for a towel that’s absorbent with a pattern designed to clean in-between the grooves of golf clubs.

Golfer’s Athletic Tape

You can bring a container of bandaids along with you. You’ll find them useful if your hands start to blister or crack. Although bandaids can do the trick, they can also feel bulky and become bothersome.

To get around this, consider using a golfer’s athletic tape. Tape the sections of your hand and fingers where you apply the most pressure. Do this before you start golfing to prevent blisters and to improve your grip.

A Golf Umbrella

You’re most likely not going to plan a golfing outing in the middle of a downpour. However, if it starts to shower or sprinkle while you’re on the green, then you’ll be thankful you had an umbrella. Bringing an umbrella along with you isn’t only for protection against the rain, though.

It’s also important to keep an umbrella with you to protect you from the sun. While playing golf, you’ll be exposed to the sun for several hours. The best golf bag will have a special section for holding umbrellas to make it convenient.

Sunscreen and Chapstick

Aside from an umbrella, sunscreen and chapstick are also important golfing essentials to bring along with you for sun protection. When you plan a golfing day trip, you’ll most likely want to spend the entire day or several hours out on the green. During this time, you’ll be under direct sunlight.

There won’t be much shade from trees because you need a nice open space to play golf on. The last thing you want to do is leave early because you feel your lips and skin burning. Bring enough sunscreen and chapstick with you for everyone and apply every 30 minutes or as needed.

Sharpies and Ball Markers

Why would you need to bring a bag of Sharpie markers with you when golfing? All of the golf balls will look the same. There might even be a few stray golf balls left on the golf course.

If you don’t mark your golf ball, then things can get confusing fast. Take a sharpie and make a unique mark that separates your ball from the others. Then, be sure to take a few ball markers with you as well.

Ball markers are flat on the top and have a small plastic stake to secure them to the ground. Use these markers to mark where your golf ball landed before picking it up.

A Range Finder

A range finder will help you decide which club to use for quicker and better play. The range finder pinpoints the exact distance to your target, so it makes for a better game. You’ll use different golf clubs depending on the range, and now you won’t have to guess.

These can get a bit pricey but are an essential item for anyone who takes golf seriously.

A Portable Cooler

As mentioned before, you’re going to spend several hours out on the green, so unless you live in a golf course home on the green, it’s ideal to bring a portable cooler along with you. You can see listings on manausa.com for golf course homes.

In your cooler, be sure to pack lots of healthy food items and drinks. When you’re ready to recharge and rehydrate, you’ll have cold options right at your fingertips.

A portable cooler with a shoulder strap is a great choice for golfers!

A Golfing Pouch

A golfing pouch is a small bag that’s easy to carry along with you. Inside this bag/pouch, you’ll place all of your loose items. You may keep your tees, ball markers, sharpies, and a few extra golf balls in here.

When you need to quickly grab something, you’ll know right where to find it.

Which Golf Essentials Do You Need?

Do you need any of the golf essentials listed above? If you’re a beginner golfer, then be sure to mark off each item on this guide. When you come prepared, you can spend an entire day having fun on the green!

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