The Little Play Avenue is set to redefine the landscape of imaginative play and venue space in the Phoenix area on April 20th by introducing an unparalleled fusion of creativity, education, and luxury, where families can unite to create lifelong memories. The space includes a turnkey event venue, educational play areas, a gourmet coffee bar, and a lounge area for parents. 

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“It’s about providing spaces that are just as inviting to adults as they are to children; it’s a community of creativity, where curiosity begins, imagination soars and lifelong connections are formed,” says Leena Hasbini, Ed.D., Owner and Founder of The Little Play Avenue. “I imagined a venue that would elevate the concept of a children’s play area into an experience, one that marries the magic of play with elements of design and hospitality that resonate with adults.”

At the core of Hasbini’s journey to founding The Little Play Avenue is a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of melding imaginative play and the formation of community. Drawing from her experiences as a parent, educator, designer, and entrepreneur, she’s poured her heart into creating a space that embodies these values. Her background in both education and design has fueled her passion for creating beautiful, meaningful spaces that blend theory with the socio-emotional and educational development of the whole child. 

Education is the foundation of The Little Play Avenue’s philosophy and Hasbini’s doctorate helped build on the belief that the most profound learning occurs through play. To that end, the approach is both deliberate and delightful, uniquely grounded in the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. This alignment ensures that each activity not only entertains but educates, supporting the developmental milestones critical in early childhood. 

“Each play space, from the sensory-rich activity area to the dynamic classes and workshops, is designed to spark curiosity and foster a love of learning,” says Hasbini. “We envision moments where parents and caregivers are not just onlookers but active participants, where playtime is a golden opportunity for bonding, learning, and creating shared stories. It’s these interactions, fostered within a thoughtfully designed space, that builds the foundation for lifelong memories and deeper family connections.

A turnkey event space is The Little Play Avenue’s signature offering, providing unparalleled, upscale celebrations, from birthday parties to baby showers, and everything in between. They proudly offer over two dozen custom-designed birthday themes, each carefully crafted to ensure that every celebration is as unique and special as the littlest guests of honor. This includes custom invitations, party decor, catering selections, and ancillary activities. 

The Little Play Avenue’s café and lounge offer adults a place to enjoy artisanal coffee while still being connected to the play areas. From classic espresso and tea drinks to unique seasonal specials, the carefully selected beverage menu is designed to delight the discerning tastes of adult guests. Prioritizing sustainability and ethical sourcing, The Little Play Avenue partners with Passport Coffee & Tea, local family-owned roasters who share a commitment to quality and community. 

Primarily serving children aged 0-7, The Little Play Avenue is pioneering an unparalleled play experience with the following attractions: 

  • Lilliput Playhouses: Six meticulously themed Lilliput playhouses, each offering immersive educational experiences that stimulate imagination and learning. The playhouses include a theater, fire station, bakery, grocery market, supermarket, animal hospital, and post office. The Little Play Avenue is the first to have these playhouses in the Phoenix market, each is meticulously designed, not only for play but as an immersive educational experience, equipped with wooden toys that complement the theme.
  • Turnkey Birthday & Event Venue Space: A private room offering over two dozen custom-designed themes and personalized party-planning services with a dedicated party concierge for top-tier party packages. Guests can expect not just a party, but an experience. 
  • Educational Play Areas: Offering several classes and workshops that integrate NAEYC standards, ensuring enriching experiences that support developmental milestones
  • Café With Lounge Area: Avenue Brew, TLPA’s in house cafe, offers artisanal coffee selections curated to complement the space’s ambiance. A partnership with local coffee roasters, Passport Coffee and Tea, paired with pastries and baked goods from the renowned Scottsdale bakery,  JL Patisserie, embody The Little Play Avenue’s dedication to local excellence, ensuring that every element of the experience, from play to palate, is extraordinary. 
  • Retail Space: An exclusive selection of toys and goods, carefully chosen to extend the imaginative and educational experiences at home. Unlike the offerings of big-box retailers, these products boast uniqueness and international flair, sourced from local artisans and creators across the globe.
  • Top Safety & Cleanliness: Teams meticulously disinfect every corner of the space between play sessions using organic and top-of-the-line sanitary products throughout the building. This includes Pluie, recently featured on Shark Tank, the first self-cleaning, UV-filtering changing tables on the market. 

The Little Play Avenue proudly announces its grand opening—a celebration of luxury play and unparalleled service—Saturday, April 20th from 11 AM-2 PM. Guests and their families will be treated to a series of curated experiences, including free admission, personalized tours, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and an array of interactive activities, from face painting to special character visits—each designed to surprise and delight the young and the young at heart.
Beyond being a play space, The Little Play Avenue is committed to contributing to the community by hosting education events, supporting local artists and vendors in the retail area, and partnering with local charities. In essence, The Little Play Avenue aims to be a cornerstone of community life, enriching the lives of everyone who interacts with our brand, and weaving into the very fabric of its ever-evolving community. The Little Play Avenue is located at 13802 N 32nd Street Suite #1, Phoenix. For more information, visit