There’s no comparison to the drama that stirs in a reality show. Probably that is what gets us addicted.

The uncertainty of what can happen when, and who is willing to put everything on stake, surely thrilling to its maximum.

They are fun.

They are competitive.

They are real!

However, with so many options out there now, you never know which ones to watch. They are time and mind-consuming after all. Therefore you need to make your pick worthwhile. Don’t worry! We have got your back here. (In a true sense. We don’t mean no drama.) We will be listing out some truly amazing and addicting reality shows that must not be missed.

Simply unwind from your tiring day, or make them your guilty pleasure. Have our word on this, and tune into the following reality TV shows at your earliest!

1.    Love Island

Blended with its winning formula for romance, some drama, and lots of competition, Love Island leads our list of currently addictive reality TV shows. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride, where you see some quite relatable contestants, topped with stunning visuals that altogether make you stay.

The format is quite simple. It is strategic coupling, decoupling, and well, even recoupling among the members that keep the suspense going. You get to see daily updates that make you addicted. It’s fun for sure.

2.    The Bachelor

Oh, The Bachelor is a cult classic, and it remains addictive even after all these years. We are guilty here of ever thinking that “We won’t be watching this the next season.” But were always set in front of our TV screens to watch this show.

The franchise has been around for almost 27 seasons now, and it continues to bring forth the blends of romance, competition, and good ol’ drama. The diverse-ranging personalities of the contestants, over-the-top date nights, heartfelt moments, and just everything you’d want to see in a show like this.

You can watch The Bachelor on ABC! The channel is available on Cox cable along with 250+ channels. So, we do not want to hear you complain or miss out on any episode again and find out who’s going to get that rose in the finale!

3.    Are You the One?

This reality TV show right here stands out for its addictive nature all due to its simply unique matchmaking twits. A promise to find your perfect match comes with the condition of several challenges for solving the puzzle of love.

The strategic element here? It’s more of teamwork for us. So all the members here work together and help each other in identifying their ideal partners. Matching all the compatibility cues is a task.

Of course, this strategy comes with drama, alliances, oh, and also a ticking clock. Interested now?

4.    RuPaul’s Drag Race

How can we have a list of the best reality TV shows and not talk about RuPaul’s Drag Race? Not possible.

You get to celebrate self-expression and creativity. It is a fierce competition, filled with transformative makeovers, and challenges. Every contestant shares their personal story, and journey that allows the viewers to forge an emotional bond with them.

Paired with a glamorous world of drag, talent, and empowerment, this show becomes a true addictive nature.

5.    The Circle

This reality TV is now a unique one on this list. This show explores the complexities of social media influencers and their authenticity. The players communicate entirely through the digital platform making it a modern element of reality TV.

The game is all about catfishing, or making actual and genuine connections. This is where the viewers are left wondering who will be successful in the end. It wouldn’t be wrong to say this reality TV show offers a rather fresh perspective on human interactions.

6.    Amazing Interiors

Calling all the people with a nag for house décor and design. In this reality show, you will be delving well into the spectacular world of home interiors.

You will be witnessing some stunning home transformations with creative stories that will allow you to understand how the ideas came to be. The anticipation of uncovering the secrets that an ordinary-looking house may be keeping is the best bit. It is passion-driven, and addicting. Do not miss out!

Wrapping Up

And that will be all folks! Now we’d leave you to watch these shows. That is days of binge-watching for you right here. So, without wasting any further seconds, delve into these shows and find your guilty pleasure now!