Arizona was once the scene of the frontier expansion and Wild West shootouts, and although it has become the sixth biggest state in the US, it is still fairly rural and uninhabited with only 18% of the land being owned privately. The rest is Native American reserves and Federal forests. It is thus interesting to look at what people in this state do for entertainment.

Outdoor activities

As a predominantly rural or ‘green’ state, most of the entertainment options in Arizona are expected to be of the outdoor type. From zoos and parks, science and learning centers and fun parks and rollercoasters, Arizona has it all, and it’s these outdoor activities that have come to dominate in the state. In fact, the biggest of the lot is the Grand Canyon, noted as one of the most beautiful places in America, providing for some of the most picturesque views, walks and picnic sites. White water rafting in the Colorado River and simply spending time in any of the numerous canyons in the state will really serve to reconnect you with nature and definitely serve to entertain and thrill you.

Online entertainment

The rise of online entertainment has been a big change in the way that entertainment is accessed in the state. We are now able to enjoy the same aspects of fun and entertainment as the city slickers are, no matter where in the state we live. Using sites like Australian online casino, players are able to find the best casino sites for them, with the games they like to play. Allowing and enabling players to be in a Vegas-style casino from the comfort and convenience of their own homes or homesteads, no matter how rural or far-flung in Arizona that they are. It’s the online entertainment and access to the World Wide Web that has most affected AZ residents and has served to bring us into the mainstream.

Historical towns and sites

Arizona still has some of the best old towns that have been kept as they were in the past. Places like the town of Scottsdale that were actual places in the 1920s have been kept as historical reminders of how things were and provide a great way to learn more about the state and the history of its people. It is also a state that provides some of the best national monuments. For example, Canyon De Chelly inside the Navajo nation is a remarkable place to visit; just make sure that you take along some of the mobile entertainment aforementioned, as there are some long and winding roads, where you’ll need the entertainment to keep you going.

This article has simply highlighted a few of the entertainment and pastime options in the Arizona area. From Tucson to the Grand Canyon, including a variety of cultural and heritage sites, beautiful scenery and friendly people of all cultures and creeds, it’s a wonderful place to visit and spend some time. Think through what you intend to do and plan the trip carefully, then just have fun.