The current era is heralded as an information and data age and one of the defining features of our time is that fact that more of us now access our media and entertainment online than ever before. With this myriad of choice has come the dreaded aspect of making an informed and credible choice of entertainment for you and yours. Here are five of the best online entertainment options of the moment.

1. Movies and streamed series

No longer do you have to cancel social arrangements and outings because you have to catch your favorite movie or television series. These options are now all available when you want or need them to be. Streaming services such as Netflix have totally transformed the online entertainment sector. It is worth $25 million and has started producing its own Academy award winning movies and series.

2. Live sport

You can now watch sport from around the world on your laptop or PC. From a position where live streamed sport was an anomaly watched by only the few who had access to the right sites, to a position where it is one of the main ways to access sport on television as well as on your smart mobile and other connected smart screens. There is no reason to miss any live sport regardless of whether you have the right sports channel or not. Access to the internet allows you to watch as much live sport as you want and from any genre, level or from any place across the globe. The secret is to find the right sports streaming site out there.

3. The live online casino

There has been a boom in online casinos, and you can use places like casino online Australia to find some of the best places to play. Look for those that have a clear certification and registration in the area that you live and play from. It’s proven to be one of the best ways to spend your down time and is a great online entertainment option.

4. Competitive gaming

The world of competitive computer gaming has been one of the fastest growing forms of online entertainment. Esports events have taken both the internet as well as real time actual venues by storm as more people now want to watch as well as play competitive computer games.

5. Learn something new

Online learning and courses must be one of the biggest reasons that we now spend time online. You may not think of learning a new skill as fun, but that all depends on the skills that you choose to learn. Most hobbies benefit from the learning and practicing of additional skills and techniques to make the process easier and more seamless. So, learning can indeed be a fun pastime to engage in online.

These are 5 of the top entertainment choices currently and have been seen to grow and peak over the last few years. As long as you have consistent and reliable access and connection to the internet you too will be able to enjoy all of these pastimes and, who knows develop one of them into a sustainable hobby.