One of the most annoying things that can happen to a homeowner is a major infestation of ants or other insects. Ant infestations can happen without warning and getting rid of them can be frustrating and time consuming. And, just when the homeowner thinks the ants are gone for good, they come back in force. Trying the wrong methods or chemicals to get rid of ants can be the problem. Using ant bait or ant repellent can be most effective. Though a lot of homeowners attempt to rid themselves of the ants, hiring a pest control company might be a better answer.

Hiring Pest Control Companies

Even DIY homeowners might consider hiring a pest control company to get rid of a stubborn ant infestation. Companies such as Synergy² Exterminating have the knowledge and correct chemicals and methods to solve the problem quickly and safely so it does not come back. There are several kinds of ants in the Jackson, MS area including little black ants, odorous house ants, and fire ants. Each type of ant has its own habits and ways to damage the home and even cause health problems.

Pest control companies can be hired for a one time pest removal job or for an ongoing pest control program. These local companies have experience successfully irradiating all the local types of ants and other pests. They can easily locate where the ants are getting into the home and seal that area or those areas so ants can not get back in. Then they get rid of the ants already in the home and follow the ant trails back to the ant mound and get rid of all the ants at the source of the problem.

Things a Homeowner Can Do to Stop Ant Invasions

There are steps that homeowners can take to avoid ant infestations.

1. Look for and identify the ant trails into the home and to the outdoor source. Identify the kind of ants.

2. Place ant bait along the trails for the ants to take home.

3. It will take several days for the ants to stop coming. It may be necessary to replace the bait stations one or more times.

4. Follow the ant trail to the nest outdoors and spray that nest with an approved insecticide spray. Read the directions on the insecticide and apply carefully because the insecticide will kill all the insects near the spray.

5. Avoid the infestation or a re-infestation by keeping the home clean and foods put away in sealed containers. Don’t give the ants a reason to invade your home looking for food. Seal any possible entry points in the home to prevent ants entering the home. This may include around windows and doors, cracks in flooring, pipe, cable, and wire entry points, and more. Avoid standing water near the home and do not pile wood against the house as these things will draw ants.

Don’t Kill all Insects Outdoors

Remember that many kinds of ants and other insects are beneficial to the garden and lawns outdoors. Ants can aerate soil and control harmful pests in the garden. If the homeowner takes the above steps to eliminate the access to the home, outdoor ants can be left to their own devices. Hiring a pest control company that uses environmentally friendly practices will ensure that the harmful, invasive pests are gone and the good ones outdoors are safe.