What is one thing you wish you’d known before visiting Sequoia National Park? 

To help visitors make the most of their trip to Sequoia National Park, we asked vacation experts and travel enthusiasts this question for their best advice. From picking the best travel route to preparing for high elevation, there are several tips that may help you plan your trip to Sequoia National Park.  

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Here are seven things to know when visiting Sequoia National Park: 

  • Pick Best Route for Your Vehicle
  • Make Important Calls Ahead of Time
  • Anticipate Some Large Crowds
  • Pack Extra Layers for the Night
  • Research Seasonal Impacts on Facilities
  • Bring a Camera for Pictures
  • Prepare for High Elevation

7 Things To Know When Visiting Sequoia National Park

Pick Best Route for Your Vehicle

For those wishing to visit Sequoia National Park with an RV or any vehicle longer than 22 feet, enter the park via Kings Canyon along Highway 180. Also note that there are no gas stations within the park, so plan to fill up accordingly. The last thing you want is to end up with an empty tank!

Sara Brown, Cruise America


Make Important Calls Ahead of Time

For those interested in visiting Sequoia National Park, I would recommend keeping in mind that there is little to no cellular reception in the majority of the park. If there are any important calls, emails, texts, or other communications you need to make, it would be best to take care of them before entering Sequoia or the surrounding wilderness. Also, it can’t hurt to download a map of the area on your phone or another mobile device before arriving in the park!

Ravi Rouvier, Markitors


Anticipate Some Large Crowds 

One thing I wish I would have known before visiting Sequoia National Park was just how big the crowds are. I was expecting to have exclusive uninterrupted time in nature and was surprised to see how many other people were at the park at the same time. If you are planning a trip to the park, expect there to be a large number of other people there with you. It is still gorgeous and worth going to, but just set the expectation that there will be large crowds at the park. 

Craig Carter, Jack Mason


Pack Extra Layers for the Night 

I spent ages researching my trip and I thought I’d be warm with a sweater and warm jacket. But temperatures vary enormously in the park because of the different elevations. Bringing layers is great because you can remove them as you get warmer.

Heloise Blause, Home Kitchen Land


Research Seasonal Impact on Facilities 

Sequoia National Park is the most beautiful and awe-inspiring place I have ever visited. From Giant Sequoias to waterfalls, it has everything a traveler could want! However, there are certain things you need to know before going on your next trip here. This park is open 24/7 year-round but in December, they get snow and it can be challenging with some facilities cutting their hours or closing for good. These issues happen during wintertime. It normally occurs in September so make sure you check out weather conditions ahead of time when you’re visiting next.

Jill Sandy, Constant Delights


Bring a Camera for Pictures 

I wish I had known enough to bring a wide-angle lens when visiting Sequoia National Park for the first time. The massive trees truly are an awesome sight to behold, however capturing their scale and enormity is tricky on traditional cameras. Capturing the landscape does not necessarily require a fancy or expensive photography setup. You can purchase a basic wide-angle lens attachment for smartphones at a relatively low cost, and the difference this tool makes in the shots is dramatic. While bringing only a standard camera does not detract from viewing the sequoias firsthand, having the right lens to snap epic photos helps to relive the experience and share the sights post-trip.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding


Prepare for High Elevation

Check the weather forecast before heading out to Sequoia National Park. Then even if it says warm weather, be prepared for a change in weather. The altitude of the park is decently high, which means it can get cold. Be prepared for various weather conditions, so that you may enjoy the beauty of the park without freezing or overheating.

John Levisay, The Pro’s Closet



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