When it comes to men’s fashion or men’s accessories there is a limited range of products to offer. The one product that every man loves and keeps safe is definitely a wrist watch. Yes! A wrist watch is one of those items which you can anytime give a man & he’d be extremely happy for it. Talking about watches for men, one can find a thousand brands out there. But majorly men love watches that fall into the category of luxury. Watches that carry and give you a sense of style and are associated with some brand is what one would like to possess. Chrono24 offers a vast collection of watches with new and unique features which are suitable for everyone. One can surely get the best of men’s watches from Chrono24.

How to find the right size of watch?

Finding the perfect or the right size of watch varies from every hand. It does depend on a few features like the dial size, band width and the thickness of the center dial. With these features one can select the right size of watch for themselves. With the diameters of the case make sure to try on the watch on your wrist before buying. If the dial looks and feels very heavy on your hand then you shouldn’t go for it. The band width also depends on the dial’s width. Your wrist measurements are going to help you while picking the ideal watch for yourself. The watch should not look too big or too small on your hand.

What are the materials used for a watch case?

Watches have been crafted with some set materials for ages that are ceramics, steel, stainless steel, metal, alloys and titanium. Stainless steel being used for most of the watches today.

Watches with ceramics: these are widely known for their scratch and heat resistance quality and when mixed with stainless steel becomes the most amazing combination ever and gives strength and makes it scratch proof.

Watches with stainless steel: Looking for high quality watches at a much affordable price then you must go for the stainless steel ones. They are rust resistant, don’t cause any kind of irritation due to sweat and don’t irritate the skin at all.

Watches with Titanium: if you are looking for something that comes in a heavier price range then you can go for titanium watches. They are much stronger and much better watches compared to steel but they just become heavy on the pocket.


Finding the right watch that suits your fashion sense can get complicated when you have so many choices. It is best to first look at and try on different models in a shop. Try how the watch feels on your arm, whether it’s too heavy or uncomfortable. It’s also a great way to see if it matches the rest of your outfit. This gives you a feeling of which watch is not only suitable for you in terms of appearance, but also in terms of wearing comfort. The last step is to buy a specific model online.