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If you plan on visiting Disney World, food may be one of your biggest expenses. While you may want to sample all the drinks, snacks, and foods that Disney offers, you have to keep your budget in mind. While it is okay to splurge once in a while, you should always attempt to save money. Here are a few tips to help you.

1.   Avoid Juice, Milk, and Soda

You don’t want to spend over $4 for juice, chocolate milk, or soda. If you can, skip them and order your food without the drinks. Getting a drink for every meal you buy means spending about $12 every day. A free cup of water would be a much smarter choice. Get a free cup in the resort room if you need some caffeine.

2.   Pack Some Snacks

Snacks can be costly, especially when traveling with kids. Consider packing some of your own to save money. If you have any food aversions or allergies, buying the appropriate snacks and drinks can be expensive. You may also have a hard time finding them.

The best snacks to pack include popcorn, chips, and fruit juices. Apples, bananas, and mangoes are healthy snack options.

3.   Plan Out Which Restaurants You Want to Visit During Your Trip

Think about the restaurants you will be visiting before going on your trip. Compare the prices and settle for an option that meets your needs and budget. Check out Downtown Disney restaurants. There is a perfect balance of budget-friendly and luxury restaurants.

4.   Choose Affordable Buffets

Most Disney World buffets are affordable. The cheapest ones include Trail’s End Restaurant at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground and Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom.

You can get a decent meal for less than $30. There are plenty of cheap desserts and all-you-can-eat main courses. You will always get the best bang for your buck with some research.

5.   Skip Character Meals

Comparing the average price of all Disney World restaurants, there is one main observation-dining experiences revolve around the character meals. Even though they can be fantastic, these meals are very pricey. If you are on a budget, you would be smart to avoid them.

6.   Get the Disney Dining Plan

If you will be eating a lot, consider getting the Disney dining plan. The plan will save you lots of money if you eat a minimum of two meals every day. The basic DDP allows three credits (a snack, one table service, and one quick service.) The total is about $60 every day. With proper planning, you can eat just about any food.

7.   Use Restaurant-Friendly, Cash-Back Credit Cards

Credit cards may help you save money when eating out. The best thing about using them is that you may be eligible for cashback. Take advantage of restaurant-friendly cards, and you will receive points back on certain purchases.

8.   Get Breakfast In Your Hotel Room

Most Disney resorts have coffee machines and minifridges. Please take advantage of them to save money on breakfast. Spend some money on a moderate resort instead of splurging on value options. This is especially important if there are over four people in your family.

Value rooms have four people per room. However, they don’t have coffee makers or mini-fridges. If you are flying, make arrangements to get breakfast in your room.

Pack granola bars, peanut butter cookies, muffins, and juice boxes for a quick breakfast fix.

Food is a great place to start if you are looking for ways to save money at Disney World. Consider packing some snacks, choosing affordable buffets, and planning out restaurants before your trip.