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August 12, 2020

Mary Hampton

Tips on organizing your kid’s closet like a boss

Giving our kids the freedom to be themselves and express their interests is a rewarding experience for every parent, until is messes with their closets. With kids, freedom in organization usually means no organization whatsoever. While dreaming of containing the chaos may bring you momentary peace and enjoyment, buckling down to actually get your kid organized can be very stressful. With school around the corner, it may feel like you have no time to tackle such messes. But not to worry, there are a few very simple hacks that can make your harmonious organizational dreams come true.

Tip #1: Utilize pull-out baskets

Organizational pros know that there should be a spot for everything. Dedicating a specific place to put things away can save immense time and energy when it comes to children. Try using some pull-out baskets for the kids’ favorite items and toys, and if you place them at a lower level, they can actually help you clean up a mess too!  

Tip #2: Opt for smaller, kid-sized hangers

Mary Hampton is the founder of Scottsdale-based Hampton Design & Closets and

While they may operate like smaller versions of adults, your tiny humans will find their clothes falling right off on a big, adult-sized hanger. Reaching for hangers more appropriate to their itty-bitty clothing sizes can create more space and prevent them from falling and leaving a mess.

Tip #3: Take advantage of drawers

Take advantage of the fact that not everything in your child’s room has to be out on display. Drawers can create a perfect, tidy appearance when containing the mess within. They can be especially helpful for smaller items that are not so easily stored.

Tip #4: Add hooks

Hooks are the perfect way to store items of high usage while still maintaining a neat room. You will appreciate how hooks prevent clutter on the floor and your kids will appreciate how easy and accessible they are to use. No more questioning where a backpack disappeared to or digging around for their favorite coat! 

Tip #5: Consider shelves for the week

It is never too early to teach your kids how to be prepared for the week ahead. Such a valuable lesson can easily manifest in how your child chooses their clothes for the week. A good way to aid them along in this learning process is to consider installing a shelf for each day of the week in their room. Not only does it allow them to pick their clothes and learn a useful skill, you get to hold onto some peace of mind with no early morning meltdowns.

Tip #6: Break out the label maker

They may seem over-the-top, but you would be surprised at how easy it is to go crazy with a label maker. Plus, the benefits of designating storage to different items and objects are two-fold: clear, concise instruction of how and where to clean up without having to actively remind your kiddo all the time and the ease of finding specific items in a timely manner. Bonus points if it helps develop their reading or vocabulary skills. Using a label maker can save you and your child time in organizing their closet and it just might find them their favorite word. You never know what benefits may come from dragging out your old label maker, but rest assured you will know where their stuff is!

The stress of living in a mess can not only weigh heavily on your mind, but also your kiddo’s mind too. Implementing tips such as these can really work wonders in your everyday routines and even improve your communication and relationship skills. While they may take time in getting used to a new method, dedicating your efforts to practicing just one of these hacks is definitely worth its weight in organizational gold. If you would like Hampton Design & Closets to do the heavy lifting, visit


Mary Hampton is the owner of Hampton Design & Closets.