April 27, 2020

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Tips to clean and take care of your humidifier

If you are experiencing allergies or having difficulties with your breathing, you must invest in buying a humidifier. The moisture added into the air from your humidifier is only as clean as the humidifier in the water. As such, it is best to buy a product that is easy to clean. To ensure that it runs efficiently, make sure that you clean it frequently. This will help you get the most benefit and help make your humidifier stay longer. Thus, here are some tips on how to keep your humidifier clean:

Check the Filter 

Some people have the habit of leaving the water many days in the humidifier. They leave it until it runs out. This is not a good habit. It is best if you empty the water tank every day. Wipe it down with a clean cloth and then fill it again with new water.

Thereafter, read your owner’s manual to see if the humidifier has a filter. If you don’t have your manual, you can check for a small door on your humidifier that covers a mesh material. Some filters slide out. As such, you can look for a handle or button that will activate a sliding mechanism.

If your humidifier has a filter, see to it that you replace it regularly with antimicrobial treated filters. This will help prevent the spread of algae, mold, and bacteria from the filter. Check out https://www.everlastingcomfort.net to know more about the best humidifiers.

Prevent Mold in the Humidifier 

One worry on any water device is the presence of mold. However, there are steps that you can try to make sure that your humidifier stays clean:

First, add white vinegar to it. You can fill your humidifier with water and white vinegar to the tank. The white vinegar will prevent the growth of the mold. Harsh cleaning solutions can be harmful to homeowners who have multiple chemical sensitivities. Harsh chemical cleaners can often leave residues and odors that can irritate the symptoms.

Indeed, humidifiers can get crusty due to mineral buildup. To get rid of the crust, you can wipe down the humidifier with undiluted white vinegar so you can remove the scale.

Apart from the white vinegar, you can also buy humidifier tablets from your favorite shop and drop them into the tank. These tablets will dissolve in less than ten minutes and they have also aromas. These tablets will help extend the life of your humidifier by keeping it clean while the water is inside the product.

Finally, you can also try putting tea tree oil or chlorine bleach to prevent molds and other bacteria in the water. Check out everlastingcomfort.net to know more about the best humidifiers.

Monitor the Humidity Levels 

Making your room feel like a steam room may be appealing during winter. However, this is not good for the lungs. Authorities recommend keeping the indoor levels of humidity below 50 percent only. If the humidity level is above 50 percent, it can already aid in the growth of bacteria in the humidifier. The best way to monitor the level of humidity is through the use of a smart thermostat.