Americans adopted nearly a million dogs in the past year, and with National Puppy Day coming up on March 23, Camp Bow Wow is releasing the top 10 dog names for 2022 and sharing tips for naming a puppy and introducing it to the family.

Luna leads the list of top names, based on Camp Bow Wow’s database of nearly 400,000 campers.

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Camp Bow Wow also has some tips on how to pick a dog’s name and how to introduce a new dog to the family.

Top 10 Puppy Names for 2022

1. Luna

2. Bella

3. Charlie

4. Cooper

5. Lucy

6. Max

7. Daisy

8. Bailey

9. Milo

10. Sadie

Tips for naming a puppy

• Choose short, two-syllable names. Short names can help get your dog’s attention and assist with recall.

• Avoid names that sound like a commonly used word, phrase, or cue, as these could confuse your pup.

• Names that end in vowels help with name recall, as vowels change vocal tone, which dogs are highly attuned to with their acute hearing ability. Names ending in harder sounds such as Luke or Hank may also be easier for your dog to recognize.

• It’s OK to change the name of a shelter dog. If you change a shelter dog’s name, be sure to give lots of love and positive reinforcement when using the new name, and the pup will adjust just fine.

Tips for bringing a puppy home

• Prep for the pup. Allocate a space in your house for your puppy as well as an area outside he can play. Remember to purchase essential products like a dog bed, crate, water and food bowls, a collar, leash, appropriate chew toys and puppy food.

• Provide your pup with a strong introduction. Help alleviate a puppy’s separation anxiety from his mother by giving him as much attention as possible during his first week home. For the first three to four days, make sure that there will be someone at home to take care of the puppy.

• Take your pet to the vet. During his first week home, take your puppy to the veterinarian for his initial puppy examination. It is essential to make sure your puppy is healthy and is free of medical or congenital disorders. Remember to ask the shelter or breeder if the puppy has received his initial vaccinations.

• Hungry Puppy: Ask the shelter or breeder what your puppy has been eating. Feed your puppy that same brand and type of food for several days. Afterwards, you can slowly begin to transition your pup’s food.

• Prepare for night crying. Puppies have small bladders and will cry at night if they need to use the restroom. Most puppies will have to go to the bathroom twice during the evening, so keep newspaper handy to avoid any messy situations.

• Be consistent and have patience. When training your pup, make sure dog rules are followed by the entire household. If your puppy does something disagreeable, scold him with a disapproving tone. Be patient with your new family member and remember to show your puppy affection.