December 13, 2022

John Foster

Top 3 hair transplant clinics in Turkey

hair transplant is among the most common forms of elective cosmetic surgery. Hair loss can cause people to experience anxiety, leading to a depressed state and making it difficult for them to participate in social activities. Suppose you are concerned that you may be losing your hair shortly. In that case, you should make an appointment at one of these top-rated hair transplant centers and specialists in Turkey as soon as possible to begin your new life financially and emotionally satisfyingly.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

1. CapilClinic

CapilClinic is a hair restoration clinic with facilities in Turkey and Spain. They have a medical team trained specifically in hair transplant procedures, with more than ten years of expertise working with patients worldwide. Additionally, they have access to cutting-edge technologies.

The Turkey version of the Capil clinic is among the first facilities to provide stem cell therapies as a hair restoration method. The staff there has a great deal of experience treating patients who suffer from alopecia.

Dr Oguz

Dr Oguz earned his medical degree from Ankara university’s faculty of medicine in 2001. After that, he began an internship at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield (UK), and then he completed his training as a plastic surgeon at the Ankara hospital in the research, plastic and esthetic surgery department.

Dr Oguz is a board-certified plastic and aesthetic surgeon with over nine years of expertise in the field. He worked in the most prestigious medical facility in Turkey and contributed to the publication of scientific studies on a national and international scale.

Dr Pragyan Sahu

Since 2014, Dr Pragyan Sahu, has been working as a specialist in hair transplantation. She has achieved beyond-convincing results and has established herself as an exceptional hair surgeon. There are numerous advantages, including that Dr Praygan Sahu is always responsive to patients, can assess patients’ requirements, and provide them with the best solution to combat their alopecia and recover their self-confidence.

2. Medart Hair Clinic

Medart Hair Transplant is a cosmetic facility in Istanbul, Turkey, that specializes in hair transplant surgeries.  At Medart, their mission is to help clients look and feel their best by developing and customizing the hair transplant procedure that is both the most effective and the one that best matches your requirements. When you walk through the doors at Medart, you can rest assured that its highly experienced staff will extract and transplant your hair using the most cutting-edge technologies available. With over 4,000 patients and five million grafts transplanted, Medart has the experience and the skills to guide you through each stage of the process. They are committed to providing high-quality medical care in a secure environment with no required recovery time. They strive to provide the best possible outcomes by adapting their treatment methods to the specific skin types of each patient.

3. Cosmedica Hair Transplant Clinic

In Turkey, the Cosmedica Clinic is widely regarded as the most reputable institution for hair transplant procedures, earning it the title of “number one clinic specialized in hair transplants.” Because they have 16 years of experience, they are consistently at the cutting edge of scientific advancements in hair transplant surgery. The rooms at our brand-new medical facility, which boasts a contemporary design throughout, are well-stocked with medical supplies.

Cosmedica Clinic, located in the center of the stunning city of Istanbul, is pleased to provide customers with VIP service during their stay. Our team is comprised of individuals who are both experienced and up-to-date. Each has been hand-picked with great care to ensure you have the greatest possible patient treatment throughout the hair transplant procedure. Our employees have received extensive training, are hospitable, and friendly.

Reason for Choosing Cosmedica Clinic – Dr Levent Acar

The medical staff and team have accumulated the maximum experience possible for the past sixteen years in DHI and FUE hair transplants. The health and happiness of patients remain their top priorities throughout the entirety of the therapy procedure.

Even during the preparatory consultation that the specialists perform, every possibility and desired outcome of the hair transplant procedure is explained in detail. The client’s requirements are the primary focus of attention for the entire care team throughout the following treatment and aftercare.

The Life and Career of Dr Levent Acar

Dr Acar specializes in medical aesthetics and practices at Acar Medical Aesthetics.   After receiving his medical degree from Istanbul University Capa Medical Faculty, he continued his education at Dr Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken (HSK) by enrolling in their Medical Programs, FUE, Laser Treatment, Medical Aesthetic, Filler, Mesotherapy, and Cosmetic Gynecology Training Programs. He was born in Germany in 1981 and is fluent in German, Turkish, and English.

He spent his professional beginnings in Istanbul, working for an international hospital as the Medical Director of the Medical Aesthetics Unit. His areas of expertise included the Sapphire DHI and FUE hair transplant procedures. Since 2011, he has been working at the Cosmedica Clinic, providing hair transplantation services.

Dr Levent Acar stays current on all of the latest discoveries and advancements in the field of hair transplantation. He participates in all of the most important congresses, and seminars held all around the world.

Read on to gain a deeper understanding of hair transplantation surgery by first understanding the many benefits and drawbacks of this process and then figuring out whether or not you are a suitable candidate for a transplant.


Guaranteed Outcomes

The surgical process known as hair transplantation is a highly complex operation that ensures the continued development of healthy hair in parts of the scalp that might otherwise be bald or thinning.

You can now have hair designed to last a lifetime by utilizing the most recent developments in technological innovation. No more hair loss is expected when the transplantation procedure is finished.

Natural Appearance

Hair transplant surgery always aims to achieve outcomes that look as natural and unobtrusive as possible. At these clinics,   dermatologists are dedicated to upholding this promise.

Hair transplants produce outcomes that look completely natural and undetectable thanks to the highly refined technology and years of knowledge that the experts have. Trained dermatologists and plastic surgeons evaluate the patient to establish the optimal angle, placement, and arrangement of the implanted hairs. The outcomes are nothing short of astounding whenever experts carry this operation out accurately. As a result, the transplanted hairs will look perfectly natural because they can blend in with the rest of your natural hair.

There Is No Requirement For Specialized Therapy

One of the best things about getting a hair transplant is that once it is done, the hair will grow naturally, and you can style it any way you choose.

After the allotted amount of time has elapsed for you to recover, the hair that has been transplanted does not require additional treatment. You are free to trim, brush, style, dye, and apply any shampoo, conditioner, or other hair product you like on your hair. This is a significant advantage since it allows you to care for the transplanted hair the way you naturally would.


Surgical Procedure

Because it is a surgical operation, hair transplantation surgery has the potential to make some patients anxious. This is one of the potential downsides to having the treatment done. On the other hand, these clinics recognize and comprehend why you could feel apprehensive. Keeping this in mind, they will do everything in their power to ensure that patients are calm, comfortable, and properly cared for before, during, and after the surgical procedure.

At the time of your treatment, for instance, they will administer a very small sedative to aid calm your anxiety in preparation for the procedure. In addition, they have a variety of distractions and activities that might help you take your mind off the procedure itself. They can do many activities together to keep you entertained, such as listening to music or watching movies. In addition, a member of their staff is always available to assist you. You’ll note that they are constantly joyful, cheerful, and conversational, which helps the time pass very quickly.

Recovery Time

The surgical technique of hair transplant is serious, and patients should approach it appropriately. When you don’t take your time recovering properly, you put yourself at a higher risk of developing complications like infection, scarring, bleeding, and numbness. You should, however, be able to prevent these potential issues and return to your usual activities anywhere from ten days to three weeks after your surgery if you follow the recommendations we have given you during your recovery period.

Experts urge that you refrain from doing the following soon after the hair transplant treatment to ensure a speedy recovery:

• Giving your scalp time to recuperate from tugging and pulling would be best. It is important to refrain from irritating the donor or transplanted portions of the body, including scratching, pulling, or itching.

• During the first three weeks following surgery, you should avoid exposing your head to direct sunlight by wearing a hat.

• Regular sleeping position: Keep your neck and head propped up, so you don’t disturb your hair follicles as they heal.