Nothing beats an awesome vacation to refresh you and melt away your problems. But since the pandemic started, your options for travel have been your home and your backyard. But we are extremely social beings that are not designed to stay in our homes, so traveling safety is a great deal these days. Just like the best tagline in the world says, you only live once, so be sure to live it to the fullest, even with COVID-19 around.

Not everyone gets the chance to travel abroad and visit beautiful places while the pandemic is going on. So if you get yours, you should definitely choose the countries that are starting to open borders. Try to experience all of them because your time indoors definitely has your spirits down. If you’re going to travel, you should do it in style, so worrying about details is a no-no.

Traveling abroad is a bit of a dilemma. You have so many great options to check out and that could be time-consuming and tiring. So we’ll help you out in narrowing down which are the best countries you should definitely check out. Here they are:


Ukraine is the hidden jewel of Eastern Europe. This country is an extremely underrated place to visit for a fun and worthwhile vacation. It has all the attractions and fun activities you can think of. The country has a rich history that you can experience and offers the best in its unique cuisine and timeless culture.

Many attractions like Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle and the mosaics of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral will take your breath away. Be sure to check Expat Ukraine to find out the best experiences you can do when you visit the country. You will have a whirlwind of experiences that will change your life forever.

The party life is also vibrant and heavy. With the pandemic going on, partying is non-existent to many. Be sure to check out the local scene when you get there. You might get lucky and even meet someone who entertains you for a day or be with you for life.


If you want to visit a country that merges technology and heritage, you’re sure to love Japan. Culture and traditions are beautifully intertwined with technological advances here. You can visit Tokyo and be overwhelmed (in a good way) by all the specialized shops and tech stores around. Kyoto has beautiful castles and Shinto shrines where you will feel serene and be at ease with nature.

Japan is also the land of anime and manga. If you’re a fan of this type of animation and storytelling, Japan will satisfy all your cravings. The food and culture of the country are world-class. Kobe beef and local ramen are Japanese staples you should try before you leave.


The country of the Greek gods, Greece will never fail to offer you great wonders. You can visit the most famous mountain, Mount Olympus, and feel closer to the gods. Lake Plastira will dazzle you with its natural beauty and radiance. Have a great tour of the Acropolis with its complex of great monuments.

Spelunking in Melissani Cave will be a once in a lifetime event. This country has a vast collection of temples and archaeological sites that will keep you interested for days. The food in the country will leave your mouth-watering.


Italy is a country that boasts its art, food, and culture. It’s the homeland of pasta and other great dishes. If you’re a foodie with great taste, Italy will be your haven. The fashion scene here will leave you shopping for great clothes every day.

Their people here are friendly and sweet. You will feel at home with the great culture and beauty of the country. The wine produced here is world-class and without comparison. Rome is in the heart of the country which will leave your spirit enlightened.


The beaches of Israel will leave you breathless with their beauty. There are endless amounts of beaches here covered with white sands and sapphire waters. The country offers great historical sites that will captivate you to no end. No matter what religion you might practice, the country will make you feel spiritually charged.

The wildlife and natural beauty of the country would be of great interest to many nature-oriented guests. The art scene is vibrant here with many museums available to satisfy anyone. You can enjoy great things like eating hummus and riding a camel. You will have an endless itinerary when you visit Israel.


Be prepared to have your mind blown when you visit any of the countries mentioned. Traveling alone or together with friends or loved-ones will be a sure ticket for you to refresh yourself. You will definitely feel your stress melting away when you start your tour around your country of choice.