While GTA Online’s classic cars provide the brand a lift, games without such rides are unable to match the high standards set by these vehicles.

Boost-assisted vehicles are well-known for two reasons: they boost the ante and are really stylish.

The top rides in GTA Online with boosts are discussed in this article.

The Rocket Voltic is the #5 best boosted vehicle in Grand Theft Auto Online.

#5 – The Rocket Voltic

Based on the well-known Voltic, the Rocket Voltic has an enormous rocket on the back of the vehicle that appears to have undergone several changes.

The automobile receives a powerful lift for a brief period of time when the rocket booster is turned on, producing a little explosion. With the help of this technology, gamers may quickly flee from danger and prevent tragic catastrophes.

The Voltic has a peak speed of 90.15 mph, excellent acceleration, and elegant, streamlined armor.

In GTA Online, it is $3,830,400.

#4 – The Nightmare Scarab

The M41 Walker Bulldog and the dazzling Nightmare Scarab appear to be the sources of inspiration for the former.

The car has two unique features: the shunt mode and the jump mode. For a brief period of time, the former tosses it into the air, enabling a swift getaway when needed. With the shunt mode engaged, the car can abruptly use the brakes, slide to the open side, and collide with an oncoming car.

This car also has an upgradeable boost system that, depending on the booster fitted, may enhance the speed to varying levels.

With a maximum speed of 119.50 mph, the Nightmare Scarab is valued at an incredible $3,076,290 in Grand Theft Auto Online.

#3 – The Pegassi Toreador

Based on the Lamborghini Marzal concept car, the Pegassi Toreador has a traditional four-door design and is clad in opulent armor.

The Pegassi Toreador has decent speed, but its acceleration is mediocre; here is where the boost system is useful.

For a split second, the car’s speed is increased, causing it to zoom past the traffic. The Pegassi Toreador’s booster likewise recharges rather rapidly.

Additionally, the Pegassi Torreador has a submersible mode that enables the vehicle to gracefully navigate GTA Online’s aquatic features.

The Pegassi Toreador costs $3,660,000. It may be purchased from Warstock Cache and Carry.

#2 – The Scramjet

The popular Scramjet is modeled after the Mach-Five and Speed Racer. It has an overall aerodynamic form and a traditional circular body.

The automobile accelerates well and reaches a respectable speed. Additionally, it has a power hop feature that lets the vehicle easily pass through barriers like roadblocks and other obstructions.

There is no booster as potent as the one included with the Scramjet. The automobile can accelerate for around 2.5 seconds while recharging in just 4 seconds.

$4628,4000 is the price in GTA Online.

#1: Vigilante

The Vigilante is a weaponized sports vehicle with excellent acceleration, seamless control, and top speed.

This racing car’s capacity to handle up to 30 missiles at once is quite impressive. Not bad at all, is it?

The Vigilante’s booster is modeled substantially by Rocket Voltic’s booster. It offers the acceleration a significant boost and sends the vehicle ahead in a forceful burst.

In GTA Online, the Vigilante has a price tag of $3,750,000.

What are the boosters in Grand Theft Auto 5?

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