People like birds but don’t often know they can be the biggest pests. These feathered menaces can do a lot of damage to your property if you are not careful. The biggest culprits are the pigeons. It is mainly because of their corrosive waste that can destroy various building materials. Additionally, the feathers they shed can clog up drainage pipes and more. Finally, pigeons can also be disease carriers, so getting rid of them and other bird pests is a priority. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

Call in the pros

The easiest way to handle bird pests is to call the experts. Professional exterminators like those at offer bird pest control services, and you should use them. The main reason is that they have the experience and equipment to do the job. You can’t catch birds in the UK without care. Environmental laws can result in you committing a wildlife crime without knowing it. Avoid legal trouble by consulting with the professionals before making any move. Additionally, getting rid of birds yourself can be dangerous. Accidents can easily happen, and you don’t want to add to your bills like that.

Install repellent devices

With proper consultation with the exterminator, you should know what repellents you can install on your property to prevent birds from loitering. The simplest repellents are the descendants of the classic scarecrow. Visual scares and decoys often pretend to be predators that birds recognize. They are the cheapest option available. More effective repellent devices depend on the other senses. For example, there are ultrasonic devices that only birds can hear. To humans, the sound, if they do hear it, blends in the background. Birds will hear frightening predator calls that will chase them away. Another option is scent from predators that the birds can smell.

Get rid of the bird feeders and other sources of food

However, repellents can be useless if you encourage the birds to come. The most obvious way to do so is by having bird feeders on the property. If you want the birds to be gone, you must remove them. However, feeders are not the only source of food. Birds love fruits and flowers. When your trees blossom or bear fruit, quickly collecting the fruits is a good idea. Don’t leave them on the branches or let them rot on the ground. They attract many birds so they can feed. Besides that, insectivorous birds are also present. Eliminating insects on your property can be a big help in encouraging the bird population.

Don’t encourage the birds with bad habits

Besides feeding the birds, you should be less welcoming of them. But some bad habits can encourage them. For example, littering can draw in birds while leaving stagnant water pools provide them with a ready water source. Clean up your property regularly to discourage birds from congregating.

Final thoughts

While having birds around your property might seem nice, don’t be fooled. A few birds are nice, but a whole flock is a nuisance. So, follow the tips above to ensure you won’t worry about unwelcome guests.