The day has come to finally start planning your next adventure. You’ve saved up your vacation days and are ready to pick where you’ll travel to next. Since the global pandemic, more people have been counting down the days until they can travel again.

According to World Property Journal, 60% more people in the United States traveled over Memorial Day weekend this year than in 2020, making the travel industry more than $37 million.

However, many of these people are looking to continue staying safe as the second round of the coronavirus comes through. Instead of going to the usual places, like Florida beaches or out west to San Francisco, there are hundreds of affordable and realistic travel destinations you can travel to within your budget while staying safe.

Get inspired for your next adventure with these five vacation spots you may not have yet considered.

Nashville, Tennessee

When you think of Nashville, you most likely think of music. You aren’t wrong. The city is filled with history and culture that has been influenced by its music scene over the years. But there is so much more to this place than that. Nashville, Tennesse is a city filled with beautiful parks and is close to the mountains, which gives visitors the best of both worlds.

Just 45 minutes outside of the city, you’ll find the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area. It’s filled with gorgeous walking paths, short hikes, and areas for water activities too. It’s the perfect day trip to have a picnic lunch by the river and have you back in the city in no time to enjoy a night on the town.

Conway, New Hampshire

Up at the very top of New England, you’ll find a quaint town with so much to do. Its population is just over 10,000 people, which gives it a community feel you’ll absolutely adore.

You’ll find everything here for an amazing vacation. Go tubing along the Saco River for the afternoon or stroll around the city center for ice cream and shopping at local mom-and-pop stores. There’s also a community theatre that is always putting on family-friendly shows everyone can enjoy.

Of course, if you’re looking to get away in the mountains, you won’t want to miss out on Mount Washington. If you’re feeling up for the challenge, the seven-mile hike will give you panoramic views of the White Mountains National Forrest.

Don’t worry – the top is completely accessible for every member of the family to enjoy no matter their age or physical ability. Drive up to the top and take your picture standing at the iconic 6,288 feet elevation sign.

While you’re up there, you can visit the welcome center that has food, drinks, and souvenirs you can purchase as well. You’ll absolutely want to stop by and get your classic “This car climbed Mt. Washington” bumper sticker.

Phoenix, Arizona

If you are looking to get yourself out of your usual element, the desert city of Phoenix, Arizona, is one you will love to visit. There are tons of hiking trails around the many mountain parks they have just outside of the city. Places like Dobbins Lookout in South Moutain Park is a beautiful observation point that is surrounded by 51 miles of available trails for walking, hiking, and mountain biking.

Just outside of Phoenix is where you’ll find Scottsdale, a town known for its incredible restaurants, nightlife, and golf courses. The best part is you can walk just about everywhere for a fun night out.

This is a time in everyone’s lives where we need to maintain our mental well-being while staying aware of our physical health, too. Get creative and think outside the box by taking a road trip instead of flying for your next vacation.

You never know what adventure you’ll find next.