Train travel in Canada is inherently romantic due to its soft rocking motion, constantly changing scenery outside the window, along with slow tempo that lets you fully enjoy the experience. Starting with fantastic landscapes, wonderful natural wonders that provide a pleasing experience, it is a wonderful place to have an incredible rail adventure. Thus, prepare yourself to explore the best locations on train across Canada.

1. The Rockies: The Ultimate Domain of Nature

Can you envision being surrounded by towering snow-covered peaks, crystal clear glacial lakes, and impossible numbers of wildlife that call the wild landscape home? Treat your senses with the available syllables in the Alberta and British Columbia Rockies. You will enjoy a ride in the express Rocky Mountaineer train through the marvelously incredible mountain range with parts of the imagination, among them, grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and eagles.

2. Toronto to Vancouver: An Epic Journey Across Nations

Is coast to coast always your dream? A ride you can take from the pulsating lifelines of Toronto’s metropolis straight via VIA Rail’s Canadian to the converted mortuary of Vancouver’s airily closeout. The 4,000-kilometre scenic safari through the varied environments of Canada is the place to-go: from the Camino Point of the calm prairie of the central meadow to the horrendous Canadian shield and the favorable slopes of the Canadian range.

3. Quebec City: A View into the Charm of the Old World

As you arrive in the enchanted city of Quebec, travel back in time where you are taken back in time by the old fortifications, cobblestone streets, and French-inspired architecture. The train journey is as enjoyable, winding through rolling hills and the lovely villages located at the center. When you arrive in Quebec City, take in the lovely Old Town, enjoy divine cuisine and get a taste of the abundant cultural tradition that fills this UN Heritage classified city.

4. Agawa Canyon Tour: An Exotic Autumn Experience

Watch the colors of nature illuminate your eyes when you take a ride through the magic of the Agawa Canyon Tour, a stunning and unique rail journey that transports you several kilometers away to the middle of the Ontario wilderness. While riding, you may expect to witness vivid reds, oranges, and golds from the fall leaves, expansive panoramas of thundering waterfalls, and massive granite formations, as well as sparkling, unexplored lakes rotating like a living, shifting kaleidoscope.

5. A Coastal Odyssey: The Ocean

Throughout this coastal-adjacent journey, you would witness some mesmerizing views of the ocean and learn about the extensive maritime heritage of Canada ‘s Atlantic Coast. Starting with Montreal and ending with Halifax, you could go by VIA Rail’s Ocean. The journey would lead you through picturesque fishing villages and deserted beaches for miles as well as lighthouses. As you glide through scenery on its way, you would find seabirds floating on the currents overheard, whales breaching off to the other side.


We have suggested several train journeys to find adventure, take in breathtaking views of the countryside, or experience Canada’s vibrant multiculturalism. Thus, as you undertake Canadian train trips, remember to bring your sense of wonder, your camera, in addition to your soundtrack—the steady clatter of the rails.