August 11, 2020

Scottsdale Living

5 common travel pitfalls and how to avoid them

The world is full of unknowns. And that is why many people love to travel to various destinations. Even if you have to Egypt to see the pyramids, you may not have been to China to see the great wall. That is why you still need to organize more trips to different destinations to experience what the world has to offer.

However, travellers will make careless mistakes during their exploration. These pitfalls can turn out to be costing more than you never thought. They may even disappoint you since they will create delays, make you miss important events, or also bar you from experiencing some sweet moments with the rest. Some may also make you lose direction to your destination. And that is why you need to be vigilant enough to avoid any such mistakes. Here are such pitfalls and how you can easily avoid them.

Creating an over-ambitious itinerary

The itinerary you make should not be such over-ambitious. Instead, you should make a flexible one. Indeed, things such as weather changes and money shortage should not bar you from making changes in plans. Allow extra time, especially for moving from one point to the other. Remember, this spare time could cover any possible delays and rest time. Indeed, you can create an over-ambitious plan like trying to visit all fifteen tourist destinations in a single visit. That would make you feel unaccomplished.

Total reliance on travel guide books

It is not wise to depend entirely on travel books. These book guides are created to inform about things such as the aerial silk show on the French Riviera that you could enjoy. Honestly, they can reveal a lot including great eat-outs and excellent places to visit. However, it would be best if you did not allow them to define your trip. Instead, put those books away and mingle with fellow travellers and people at your current destination. The guide books can’t carry everything that would make your trip memorable.

Failure to cross-check your travel credentials for errors

Travel involves bookings right from the flights, trains, trains, hotel bookings, to bus bookings. A lot of people do not even take the time to check the documents for errors. They assume everything is perfect until they are stranded in an airport.

Instead, you should make sure all the documents for your reservations are well printed and no errors. Make sure they are well scheduled as per the agreement.  Do not forget to check if your name is spelled correctly, especially on your flight ticket.

Failure to buy insurance

A lot of unexpected happens while on your trip. For example, you may lose your baggage, your trip may get delays or could be cancelled due to some complications, or even you may develop some medical complications. And the only way to cushion you from the stress that comes along all these is buying insurance. Make sure you go through the fine print to have a look at the details of the package. If you do not understand it, ask a travel expert, and they will explain it in bits.

Trusting the route directions revealed by a local

This is a mistake that you should never find yourself trapped in it. It is true you may not know the way you a particular destination or a spot in your current destination. That does not, however, connote that you should just ask anyone for directions. The best way to go about it is to ask several people for the same directions. Every one of them will give their version, and you will be able to compare them.

If possible, you can inquire from security personnel near you or call your travel company. Just make it a rule not to trust directions from a local in your destination. You may end up in a trap or waste time, get their late due to inconveniences, or even never get there at all.

These mistakes can make your trip awful. They can disappoint to the highest levels. So, make an effort to avoid creating an over-ambitious travel itinerary, relying on travel guides, failing to check travel documents properly, failing to buy insurance, and relying on directions revealed by a local.