Did you know that close to 25 million Americans plan to travel in recreational vehicles this spring and summer, and with an abundance of camping sites available throughout the U.S, there has never been a better time to take an RV vacation with your family, close friends or even on your own. So, why are RVs so popular in America?

Keep reading to discover the main reasons why American families up and down the country are embracing this unique way of traveling, plus why you should vacation in an RV in 2020.

1. It’s incredibly cost-effective

Not only do you not have to venture outside of the United States to enjoy an unforgettable RV vacation – so no expensive flights – but RV rental is completely affordable with options to suit all budgets so anyone and everyone can enjoy this increasingly popular way of vacationing. Plus, you can self-cater each and every meal if you want to as your RV will be equipped with all the amenities and facilities you need to cook a variety of healthy and nutritious meals for all the family.

If you are worried about fuel costs, there are several ways that you can ensure you use less gas, including driving more slowly, lightening your load, and using the A/C less.

2. It allows you to completely disconnect

If you and your family spend far too much time in front of a screen, then an RV vacation offers the ideal opportunity to unplug. Although you can get Wi-Fi on most RVs nowadays, if you need it, there are plenty of other, more wholesome activities to keep all ages occupied so no one will even miss their favorite devices.

3. It encourages physical activity

Arguably one of the best elements of being on the road is the multitude of activities and adventures that you can have along the way, even if you choose not to stop at any major tourist attractions. All you need to do is look out for a woodland area, tranquil lake, or hiking path, and you are good to go. There are so many physical activities that you can enjoy, including biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, or even building a fort. It is these memories that your kids will remember forever, not an all-inclusive hotel’s kids club or an expensive restaurant.

4. It helps to foster strong family bonds

While on the subject of family memories, or friend memories if you are traveling with friends, an RV vacation is ideal for bonding with your loved ones, as you are in each other’s company for long periods of time while driving. And this isn’t as bad as it sounds; in fact, this is a great opportunity to reconnect with your family or friends and get the chance to talk to one another about your lives; your hopes, your fears, anything that you normally don’t have the time or inclination to talk about.

That being said, if you do like to socialize and meet new people, there are plenty of chances for you to do this also. The RV community is incredibly friendly and forthcoming. All you need to do is join an RV social media group, and you will easily find fellow travelers to meet up with on your trip and share stories with.

5. There are so many amazing routes to take

If you are relatively new to RV travel, then you may be unsure about where to start with planning your trip. Therefore, it can be a good idea to know about some of the most popular routes across the U.S., and here they are:

  • New Orleans and the Gulf Coast
  • The Great Lakes Region
  • Historic New England
  • Yellowstone National Park & The Rocky Mountain Region
  • Route 66
  • Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Big Sur Coastal Highway

These are just some reasons why you need to take an RV vacation. Give it a chance, and you might end up making it a regular occurrence!