Summer is upon us and we recommend planning your perfect getaway now, as popular destinations book up quickly! And if you’re looking for a new adventure this summer, we suggest a state-wide road trip in an RV.

An RV road trip is one of the best family-friendly adventures today. It offers incredible flexibility and memorable experiences that are hard to find on other vacations.

Don’t worry about choosing your destination. To narrow down your choices, we suggest you go to Arizona on your first RV getaway! Arizona offers various landscapes, iconic attractions, outdoor recreation, and quality campgrounds you and your family can enjoy.

This guide will help you plan an unforgettable RV trip in Arizona. Learn the best places to visit and tips for renting and traveling in an RV.

Where To Drive Your RV in Arizona

Now that we’ve settled on renting an RV and driving to Arizona, we’re listing below some of the best places you can visit.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is among the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. This colossal geological formation is a million-year-old attraction and a must-see for Arizona tourists.

This beautiful national park offers many areas you can visit. The South Rim provides the most dramatic views, unique experiences, and a variety of hiking trails for your family. Desert View Watchtower, Mather Point, and Hermit’s Rest are some of the best spots in this area.

Meanwhile, the North Rim is also a must-visit if you want a more remote experience and a stunning canyon view. However, due to weather conditions, it’s only open in certain months.

When visiting the Grand Canyon, you and your family can enjoy various activities, including hiking, rafting, biking, and guided walking tours. There are dedicated parking spots even for RVs in the park, so you won’t have to worry about where to stop and hang out.

The South Rim village alone offers various RV parking areas. There’s one in the Grand Canyon Visitor Center (RV Parking in Lot 1), Market Plaza (RV Parking in Lot B), and the Backcountry Information Center In the Village (RV Parking in Lot D).

These areas fill quickly during peak travel times, so you must be early to secure your spot. The Desert View Campground also has a dedicated RV campsite.

Sedona’s Red Rock Scenery

Arizona is home to many otherworldly rock formations beyond the Grand Canyon. Sedona is home to many of them.

This city features numerous red rock formations in different shapes and sizes that genuinely showcase how astonishing nature is. It’s also famous globally for its spiritual energy vortexes. Many believe a vortex is a unique spot on the planet where energy either enters the earth or projects out from it.

There are many areas in Sedona where you can see and experience these beautiful rock formations up close. These include the iconic Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Chicken Point Overlook, Submarine Rock, and Chapel of the Holy Cross. You can also go hiking on the many trail options or take a walking tour with your family.

Most of these places are accessible in an RV. However, camping in the parking areas at these destinations is not ideal. The good news is that many campgrounds near Red Rock Country provide incredible amenities, exciting experiences, and breathtaking views on your way. These include the Munds Park RV Resort, Verde Ranch RV Resort, and Zane Grey RV Park.

Route 66

The iconic Route 66 is one of America’s most important remnants of the past. This road runs through Arizona, following the legendary “Mother Road” path, hosting numerous landmarks, attractions, restaurants, and other exciting experiences.

The Arizona part of the iconic highway offers various stops. These include Oatman, Mohave Museum, Hackberry General Store in Kingman, Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, and the Meteor Crater near Flagstaff.

Additionally, you can take various detours to alternate destinations near Route 66. The best example is Bearizona, a drive-thru wildlife park filled with black bears, mule deer, and bighorn sheep.

Enjoy a slice of the country’s history as you drive through this iconic highway in your rented RV. The best part is that you can stop by numerous campgrounds within Route 66. Many are near the destinations mentioned, like the Meteor Crater RV park in Winslow, Route 66 General Store in Seligman, OK RV Park in & Red Rock MPH in Holbrook, and Flagstaff KOA in Flagstaff.

Lake Havasu City

You can visit Lake Havasu City in Mohave County to veer off the astonishing landscapes. It features many memorable activities, incredible attractions, and vast dining options perfect for the entire family.

In Lake Havasu City, you can find its iconic London Bridge. Many people consider this the second most popular tourist attraction in Arizona after the Grand Canyon, drawing visitors to this unique and historic landmark.

In addition, the city is home to many beautiful parks and other natural areas that offer incredible hiking trails and birdwatching spots. It also features aquatic centers and extreme water sports, providing an incredible escape from the majestic Arizona landscape. On the other hand, if you’re not into those activities, you can visit Lake Havasu’s many beaches to lounge with the family.

You can also find many RV campsites near and within Lake Havasu. These include Havasu Falls Resort, Campbell Cove RV Resort, Crazy Horse Campgrounds, and Sam’s Beachcomber RV Resort.

Antelope Canyon

Returning to the beautiful Arizona landscapes, the Antelope Canyon is among the many breathtaking sites you shouldn’t miss. This iconic rock formation is made distinct by its smooth sandstone walls and vibrant hues that come alive when the sun rises. Its twisting passages create an out-of-this-world display of colors and shadows, especially when the light filters through.

This site is truly a must-see in person. The best part is that the area offers numerous dedicated campgrounds nearby with excellent amenities and outdoor experiences.

Many visitors set up camp in Antelope Point RV Campground, Page Lake Powell Campground, and Wahweap Campground & RV Park. These options offer more immersive camping that will truly elevate your experience.

Saguaro National Park and Tucson

The Saguaro National Park is nestled in the sun-kissed landscapes surrounding Tucson. This desert sanctuary is renowned for its towering saguaro cacti and diverse desert ecosystems. You can visit this area and snap your best photo of a gigantic cactus or simply watch the site’s incredible beauty in awe.

If you plan to stay in the area, you can find various RV campgrounds near the park. These include the Old Ajo Highway Campground, Cactus Country RV Resort, Lazydays KOA, Sentinel Peak RV Park, and Gilbert Ray Campground, all in Tucson.

Phoenix City

Finally, an Arizona journey is not complete without a visit to Phoenix. This city is home to diverse and unique experiences for everyone in the family. It features historic museums, botanical gardens, hiking trails, and cultural districts. Plus, it offers a wide range of dining options that will satisfy your family’s cravings. You can also experience a hot-air balloon ride to enjoy the Arizona desert from a different perspective.

The best part is that Phoenix hosts various RV campsite options, so you won’t have to worry about finding where to set up camp. Among the many examples of these are the Desert Shadows RV Resort, Phoenix Metro RV Park, and Paradise Valley Ranch.

Antelope Canyon. (Provided photo)

Why Go to Arizona in an RV

Arizona offers a diverse range of landscapes that RV travelers can explore without crossing state lines. Each place offers unique outdoor experiences and picturesque, social-media-worthy scenes.

Many of Arizona’s stunning vistas and iconic attractions are easily accessible by an RV. The state boasts numerous safe highways for driving such vehicles. Because of that, Arizona offers a seamless and comfortable drive for the whole family, which elevates the vacation experience further.

Moreover, Arizona also offers excellent campgrounds and specialized services like hookups and maintenance facilities. That means you worry less while traveling on the road, making the state a perfect destination for beginner families traveling in a caravan.

Here are some reasons why an RV trip to Arizona is one of the best options for you this summer.

Immersive traveling experience

Renting an RV provides an excellent opportunity to get closer to nature. Parking on a beautiful campground or stopping by a scenic view is not something you can do while staying in a resort or hotel.

Home comforts on the road

An RV provides some basic amenities you can find at home, from kitchens to toilets. These features ensure that you feel comfortable wherever you park. Because of that, you can go on a prolonged vacation if your family suddenly decides to go further within Arizona or beyond.

Travel flexibility

The best part about renting an RV is that it allows you to change your itinerary whenever you want. For instance, you can go on an impromptu detour to places not included in your plans, enhancing exploration and increasing your chances of discovering new wonders.

The best part is that RVs are widely available for families in every state. RVshare offers quality rental options near you regardless of location.

To find the perfect RV for your specific needs, you can use the RVshare search filter to find the best pickup location and dates, select the amenities important to you, and even have the RV delivered to your destination if you don’t want to drive or tow yourself.

To begin, a quick search for an RV rental in Arizona will connect you to the most reliable providers at your destination. If you plan to pick up the RV and drive it from where you live, you can also search for RVs directly in your area.

Drive Through the Wonderful State of Arizona

Arizona offers a unique blend of scenic beauty, cultural history, and exciting adventures, making it an ideal summer destination for RV travelers. Each of the mentioned destinations provides memorable experiences, making the state an excellent choice for your RV trip that will keep you coming back for more.