The Southwestern United States includes New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, and the South portion of California. With so many states to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the best vacation spot for your family. To experience the distinct elements of Southwestern cuisine, the weather, and lifestyle, consider one of the following cities and towns.

The Sedona Summit Resort: Vacation in the Arizona Hills

Located a few miles South from Sedona Airport, the Sedona Summit Resort is nestled in the middle of the hills. This resort offers family rooms and a children’s playground on sight, but what’s outside may interest you more. You and your family are next to some of the most famous activities in Sedona, like Renee Taylor Gallery, Tuzigoot National Monument, and Slide Rock State Park. Feast on Mexican cuisine in one of the many restaurants on and off-site.

Albuquerque’s Hotel Parq Central: A Boutique New Mexico Hotel

The Hotel Parq Central offers a perfect blend of historic elegance and comfort for families and business travelers. The property provides babysitting, and there are plenty of family rooms to choose from. This landmark building was once a hospital but now features a lovely dining plaza, a garden with a fountain, and a rooftop Apothecary. Hotel Parq Centrals offers complimentary shuttle service to the Albuquerque Convention Center, Old Town, Nob Hill, and UNM.

Almont’s Three Rivers Resort: A Family Friendly Colorado Spot

The Three Rivers Resort sets you and your family up in a comfortable and fully-equipt cabin with a kitchen, porch, and grill. With family rooms, children’s activities, and outdoor play equipment, there’s a lot for everyone to enjoy. Relax in your cabin or go fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, river rafting, ziplining, or hiking in the Gunnison National Forest. You’ll be far away from the city, so enjoy the summer air, the resort restaurant, and endless fun.

Escalante’s Slot Canyon Inn: Feel like a Cowboy in Utah

Slot Canyon Inn is an incredible bed and breakfast hotel that’s located in the world’s most pristine scenery. You’ll receive complimentary breakfast in your family room, and there are multiple things for children to do. Feel free to trek around the rugged outdoor terrain, but if you want to take a short trip into the heart of Escalante, there are a few restaurants and heritage sites. You may even be able to catch a drive-in movie when the sun goes down.

Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa: Relaxing in Austin, Texas

Want to upgrade to a 4-star resort? Look no further than the Omni Barton Creek Resort in Austin, Texas, which includes babysitting, child activities, and family rooms. This 4000-acre spa is secluded in the rolling Texan hills, includes four golf courses, a multi-tiered poolscape, seven unique restaurants, and the new Mokara Spa. Barton Creek isn’t too far from downtown Austin, so if you want to make a detour into the city, there’s plenty to see, eat and enjoy.

A to Z Guest Ranch in Smithville: Horseback Riding in Oklahoma

Perfect for families who love the outdoors, A to Z Guest Ranch has four cabins equipped with a deck, patio, hot tub, grill, kitchen, and seating area. Each family-style cabin can be bought with a package deal. Children can play outside while the adults are offered an on-staff massage therapist beside the gorgeous Oklahoman scenery. The ranch will let you and your family rent houses to explore the woods. Finish off the day with a chef-prepared meal.

Legoland Hotel in Carlsbad: The California Theme Park Vacay

As the South portion of California still counts as the Southwest, we can’t forget about the iconic Legoland Hotel that caters specifically to children. The campus Legoland Hotel has family rooms with separate suits for children and endless fun for kids. The atrium has a 32-foot tall pirate ship that children can play in, a water park, aquarium, and more. Adults can participate in build programs, drink at the Skyline Bar and enjoy rides at the adjacent Legoland theme park.