Every Phoenix native knows the scorching power of a desert summer. When the temperatures inch past 100 degrees, the allure of a vacation home in a cooler or more temperate locale grows by the day. Luckily for Phoenicians, a respite from the summer blaze can be as close as a short flight or drive. Here are some top picks for those seeking relief, both close to home and a bit further afield.


A couple of hours’ drive north of Phoenix transports you to the serene town of Sedona. While temperatures in summer are still warm, they’re far more bearable than in the Valley of the Sun. The mesmerizing red rock formations and the city’s famed energy vortexes make it not just cooler but also spiritually rejuvenating.

While many Phoenicians are used to hotel stays and weekend getaways, the prospect of having a vacation home amidst the natural beauty of Sedona can be incredibly tempting. Trails crisscross the landscape, offering hiking opportunities for people of all skill levels. In the evening, the temperate climate allows for comfortable al fresco dining, with the red rocks serving as your backdrop.

San Diego

San Diego’s temperate climate is a major draw for Phoenix residents. The cool Pacific Ocean breeze provides a sharp contrast to the stifling desert heat, making outdoor activities far more enjoyable in the summer months.

Whether you’re into surfing, taking leisurely strolls on the beach, or exploring historic sites, San Diego has it all. Owning a vacation home here gives you the luxury of enjoying both the city’s vibrant urban life and its relaxing coastal ambiance.


Positioned at an altitude of about 7,000 feet, Flagstaff offers a refreshing change of pace and temperature. The city’s alpine surroundings ensure mild summer temperatures, making it a favored retreat for many Arizonians.

Not only does Flagstaff offer relief from the heat, but it also boasts a vibrant arts scene and a plethora of recreational activities. The close proximity to the Grand Canyon is an added perk.

The Bahamas

Phoenix residents in search of both beauty and temperate climates should consider the Bahamas. While the word ‘tropical’ often evokes images of sweltering heat, the Bahamas, being an island nation, enjoys a breeze-driven climate that’s more temperate than one would expect.

Those looking for high-end real estate are in luck; there’s a range of Bahamas luxury homes for sale. These properties offer stunning ocean views, access to pristine beaches, and the chance to be a part of a vibrant island community. Moreover, the Bahamas’ proximity to the US mainland makes it an accessible and attractive option for Phoenix natives.

Lake Tahoe

Straddling the border of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe presents a refreshing combination of clear blue waters and towering mountain ranges. With temperatures that are mild and invigorating during summer, it’s a stark contrast to the arid heat of Phoenix.

Lake Tahoe isn’t just about sitting back and enjoying the view – though that’s certainly an option. The lake offers a plethora of water-based activities, from paddleboarding to jet skiing. On land, explore hiking trails or indulge in the region’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene. A vacation home in this region ensures a blend of natural beauty and action-packed days.


While most of the US experiences high temperatures during summer, our neighbors to the north, specifically Vancouver, enjoy mild and pleasant summers. The city’s coastal climate ensures that temperatures remain comfortable.

Vancouver isn’t just about the weather. The city offers a rich tapestry of cultures, culinary delights, and a plethora of activities. From mountain hikes to boat rides, the recreational options are endless.


Although Aspen is renowned for its winter sports, the summer presents an equally attractive side of the city. The mild temperatures, combined with the stunning mountainous backdrop, provide a perfect retreat from the desert heat.

For those inclined towards an active lifestyle, Aspen in summer offers hiking, mountain biking, and festivals. Owning a vacation home here ensures a blend of relaxation and activity.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, with its rich cultural heritage and moderate climate, is an ideal escape. The city’s unique architecture and arts scene, combined with its summer festivals, make it an attractive destination.

From galleries to open-air markets, Santa Fe pulsates with artistic energy. Having a vacation home here is like having a front-row seat to a continuous cultural showcase.


The sweltering Phoenix summers might be a tad too much to endure, but they come with a silver lining: the perfect excuse to explore and invest in cooler vacation spots. From the mystic vortexes of Sedona to the breezy Bahamas beaches, Phoenix residents have a plethora of choices to turn the summer sizzle into a cool, rejuvenating experience.