The time has come to roll out the legendary red carpet for the 88th annual Academy Awards.

The highly anticipated award show will air this Sunday on ABC at 6:30 p.m. The red carpet fashion frenzy will begin at 5 p.m.

While the nominated films like The Big Short, and Mad Max: Fury Road were not shot in Arizona, the Oscar season got us thinking about a number of classic films captured within the area that have placed Arizona on the big screen.

So here are some of those films, some you may know about, while others may surprise you when they took place in Arizona:


Year: 1960

Location: Jefferson Hotel, Phoenix. The scene of the hotel was accidentally filmed around Christmas. In order to account for the Christmas decorations in the shot, the date was added in the opening scene.

Planet of the Apes 

Year: 1968 and 2001

Location: The apocalyptic classic, starring Charlton Heston was filmed in the northern Arizona desert that surrounds Page.

Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope 

Year: 1977

Location: The Tatooine scenes were shot in the Yuma Desert.

Star Wars: Episode VI-Return of the Jedi 

Year: 1983

Location: The Yuma dunes were used as the landscape for the legendary scene where Luke rescues Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt’s slave barge.

Superman III 

Year: 1983

Location: The iconic hero was filmed saving the day in Glen Canyon.

Karate Kid 

Year: 1984

Location: The Canyon Portal Hotel in Sedona.

Back to the Future III 

Year: 1990

Location: The Potatchee Drive-In where Doc sends Marty back in time was filmed in Monument Valley.

Forrest Gump 

Year: 1994

Location: Twin Arrows was used as the location where Forrest unknowingly creates the smiley face logo.

Jerry Maguire 

Year: 1996

Location: The football sequences were filmed in Sun Devil Stadium.

Star Trek: First Contact 

Year: 1996

Location: The Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley was used as the location to film the warp ship. In reality, the ship is the Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Little Miss Sunshine 

Year: 2006

Location: Scenes for the indie film were shot at The Hyatt Regency in Valencia for the hotel scenes towards the end of the film.