Faraway Garden Furniture has investigated which famous National Park around the world is the most popular on Instagram, by pulling the number of times each park had been hashtagged. 

The admission fees for each park were also analyzed, ascertaining if there was a correlation between the most tagged and the most expensive.

These were the key findings

• Yosemite is the most popular National Park on Instagram with more than 4million hashtags

• Los Glaciares is the least popular with a mere 30,531 hashtags

• The most expensive National Park is the Galapagos, but to get to Komodo Island will set you back a staggering $1,000

• The total number of hashtags across the 20 parks is 24,004,858

When it comes to “Wonders of the World,” Victoria Falls, and the Grand Canyon are part of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Top 20

Here are the Top 20 most Instagrammed national parks around the world. with admission price and number of hashtags.

Yosemite (US), $20, 4,067,845

Grand Canyon (US), $20, 3,859,864

Lake District (UK), Free, 2,662,538

Rocky Mountain (US), $20, 2,343,245

Yellowstone (US), $20, 2,109,660

Peak District (UK), Free, 1,342,240

Kruger (SA), $27.50, 1,106,004

Galapagos (ECU), $100, 1,018,355

Sequoia (US), $20, 979,681

Snowdonia (UK), Free, 844,124

New Forest (UK), Free, 662,274

Komodo (INDO), $1,000, 629,083

Serengeti (TANZ), $60, 618,052

Kilimanjaro (TANZ), $60, 493,550

Guilin and Lijiang River (CHINA), Free, 398,616

Uluru (AU), $25, 392,500

Victoria Falls (ZA), $30, 234,495

Fiordland (NZ), Free, 167,678

Swiss (SUI), Free, 44,523

Los Glaciares (ARG), $30, 30,531