The best thing about choosing a destination wedding is that you can have it anywhere. You can go to Bermuda, have an exciting wedding aboard a cruise ship or have an intimate occasion on a vacation rental or resort. There are many options for you, whether or not you’re on a budget and for as long as you want the celebrations to go for.

Here are a few tips to help you make your dream wedding a reality:

Consider the legality of your marriage

If you are planning to have your marriage legally recognized outside your country, you need to abide by your destination country’s legal requirements and bring all your documents. Some states may require you to bring evidence of vaccinations or impose a waiting period. Others may need you to have been a resident of that country for a few months. The most convenient way to avoid these technicalities is to have a marriage ceremony at a local town hall then having a symbolic event abroad.

Choose the cuisine

Consider your guests’ tastes when selecting your destination and cuisine. As much as your guests will have to embrace what they are served without complaining, you do not want your wedding to have been remembered as the one where ‘terrible food’ was served.

Think about the dress

For almost every bride-to-be, one of the most important aspects of their wedding day is what dress they will be wearing. You can start looking up ideas online to find styles you want and even go to fittings. However, with a destination wedding, you want to ensure that it is suitable for the location you will be getting married in. Experts like Sposa Group Bride will take into consideration the location of your wedding, so even if you want to have a beach wedding, you will have the dress of your dreams.

Ease of travel

A destination wedding means that your loved ones will have to incur extra traveling expenses. Try to pick a destination with reliable access via direct, cheap flights and a venue that is close to the airport. Hefty traveling costs coupled with exhaustion may cause many of your friends to opt out.

Get a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner is a pro move to ensure that everything goes smoothly. A wedding planner in Roma will ensure that your romantic Italian wedding goes smoothly, whether or not you are familiar with the place.  A wedding planner is uniquely qualified to grant you access to the most excellent florists, vendors, and suppliers in the region. Moreover, some help in the local language will go a long way in ensuring that your specifications are adhered to.

Create your guest list

Your close family and friends will most definitely fly out for your wedding, but colleagues and acquaintances might not. Weddings outside the country are a huge ask, and you need to ask only close people who will come out and celebrate with you, and enjoy a holiday.

Book early

You need to make your final choice and book a slot early, as most venues are usually filled out up to eighteen months in advance.  As soon as you secure a slot, send out ‘save the date’ alert to all your guests. Since this is a destination wedding, there will be many fine details to iron out, thus getting a wedding website is a great idea.


As you’ve seen above, a destination wedding has a few technicalities compared to a regular one. However, once you overcome them, you are free to have a short, casual event at the beach then slip into something comfortable and party all night. Some couples even opt for an under-the-sea experience in scuba gear!