The Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau is promoting Scottsdale as a warm-weather destination in New York, Canada, and other top markets with the launch of its 2013 warm-weather marketing campaign.

During February 2013, New Yorkers riding the 42nd Street subway will find themselves soaking up the sun in the Sonoran Desert, relaxing in a Scottsdale spa or taking a casual stroll along the fairway. The exteriors and interiors of three subway cars will be wrapped with Scottsdale’s unique tourism assets: the Sonoran Desert, Old West heritage, spas and golf. Each wrap will direct riders to

The chosen line connects Grand Central Station and Times Square, the two busiest subway stations in the country. Each day, 100,000 riders will spend their daily commute surrounded by iconic images of Scottsdale, with more than 33.6 million viewers during the campaign’s duration.

In addition to the New York subway wrap, the bureau will promote Scottsdale’s sun-soaked winter season through television commercials, radio spots, online and mobile ads, and billboards.

From Dec. 31 through March 31, Scottsdale’s local-weather forecast, including a weather-sensitive ad that will appear when the weather in viewer’s area reaches a certain chilly temperature, will appear on Weather Channel Canada. This national buy includes television ads that will be seen by 21.8 million viewers. Canadian Traffic Network in Toronto and Edmonton also will feature Scottsdale radio spots that are expected to reach more than 8 million listeners.

Additionally, the bureau will promote Scottsdale in Chicago, Denver and New York via users who access the website from a downloaded desktop app or a mobile app will see a banner ad with Scottsdale’s high temperature. Likewise, digital billboards in Chicago will flash Scottsdale’s temperature and the campaign-landing page, serving as a constant reminder of the sunny paradise in the Southwest.